The three development status of the range hood industry, the overall trend of the kitchen power market surfaced

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For For the Chinese, the kitchen is the focal point of most family food culture. As an industry, the kitchen is a big business.

The kitchen is “big business, is being gradually detonated”

In recent years, as the attention of the kitchen appliance industry has been continuously improved, the kitchen economy has become a home appliance. An important topic that practitioners are eager to take. For example, 2017 was once considered a year in which the kitchen economy is expected to cross the “100 billion economy”.

In this year, major brand manufacturers have demonstrated their proud products, or accelerated the layout of the pan-industry chain. The boss released a central smoking hood, and Fang Tai launched a new smart lifting product. Haier shouted out “The chef’s electric strategy, Vantage accelerated the layout of the pan-entertainment, and also accelerated the continuation of the concept of smart fashioners … &hellip ;

At the same time, the kitchen power industry continued to grow in double digits in 2017, driven by further consumption upgrades.

According to Zhongyikang data, from January to August 2017, the kitchen appliance market reached 61.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 16.1%. It is estimated that the annual kitchen appliance market will reach 96.8 billion yuan. The increase was 14.8%. The kitchen business is expanding further.

According to Yiou, the main categories of the kitchen appliance industry can be divided into ten parts, namely water heaters, range hoods, water purification series, gas stoves, microwave ovens, disinfection cabinets, electric ovens, dishwashing Machines, steam ovens, and embedded all-in-ones, among these products, “smoke stoves and dishwashers” are the key categories that have been active in industry news in recent years.

Because of this, Yiou Home has carried out a series of researches in the near future, and the top one is the range hood industry. During the research process, Yiou discovered the three development status of the industry. It not only reflects the characteristics of this segment, but also closely relates to the overall trend of the kitchen industry ——"embedded products,<;the whole kitchen.

With the product as the entrance, the three characteristics of the range hood industry surfaced.

Through a long-term offline investigation, Yiou Home has drawn the range hood industry. The three development statuses, from the three aspects of product iteration, consumption upgrade and integration trend, have prospects for the development of the 2018 range hood market.

Feature 1: Side suction range hood products increase, behind the scenes is the iteration of consumption patterns and product upgrades

Billion Ou Home in the last research article By the way, according to the way of smoking oil, the range hood can be divided into direct suction type, side suction type and integrated stove type. However, during the investigation, Yiou found that the side suction range hood products sold more than the direct suction range hood.

From the results of the offline survey and actual observations, this is actually a reason. In combination with the principle of the suction of the top suction type (ie direct suction type) range hood and the side suction type range hood, the side suction type range hood has two advantages:

1) From the construction point of view, the side suction type range hood is not easy to pick up compared to the top suction type, and the appearance is more scientific and technological. Traditionally, since the soot of the top suction hood is moving upwards, on the one hand, it has the advantage of better smoke; but on the other hand, the flat top shape is also easy. Let the user accidentally pick up the head when cooking.

In contrast, the side structure of the side suction hood avoids this kind of trouble, and at the same time has more imagination in terms of appearance.

2) The side suction hood has a golden angle of 35 degrees on the side, and the suction space is not small. According to the clerk of a kitchen appliance brand, the suction effect of the side suction range hood is not low, and most products can adapt to the cooking needs of domestic users.

Feature 2: The trend of increasing the amount of exhaust air is obvious, but the pain point also surfaced.

In the field investigation of the middle and high-end stores, the exhaust air volume of the range hood was obtained. Very large improvement, overall, the exhaust air volume of the range hood products on the market from 15m & sup3; / min to 22m & sup3; / min, and possibly even higher.

Along with consumers’ further re-enactment of environmental health, “great suction has become an important product indicator pursued by kitchen appliances such as Fangtai, Boss and Vantage. For example, the suction of a certain smoke machine of a boss who has been researched in the home of E-home has reached 19m³/min, and the exhaust volume of Fangtai’s twin-turbine machine with a single turbine has reached 15m³ Min, its product power has reached 358W, and Vantage’s product display in the Dazhongsi Home Plaza store has reached 22m³/min.

However, while brand kitchen appliances have increased their “strong suction layout”, there are two problems that are rarely mentioned by the initiative. One is the size of noise, and the other is the actual maximum. The uncontrollability of the exhaust air volume.

A practitioner of a brand of kitchen appliance manufacturer told Yiou that during the development of the range hood, as the wind increases, the noise will actually increase gradually. Therefore, the large suction force Although it brings a good smoke effect, its noise also brings other troubles to the user. Although many manufacturers have already focused on solving this problem, as of now, this problem is still veryHard to solve.

Feature 3: The actual exhaust volume of the range hood is subject to a variety of factors.

Speaking of the amount of air exhausted, it is necessary to mention the range hood. “History. The hood products were first introduced to China from abroad, but there is actually no real hood product in foreign countries, because the foreign hood product name is “Exhaust hood”.

In fact, the first Western-style hood that was introduced to China was just an exhaust fan in the kitchen and the whole machine was installed outdoors. The original function was only suitable for European-style fire-free cooking. The air volume is only 13m³/min, which cannot meet the needs of the real smoke of the Chinese people. Later, based on the cooking habits of Chinese people, domestic manufacturers made major changes in the internal movement structure, stove and exhaust volume.

However, it is worth noting that there are many factors affecting the actual exhaust volume after installation of the range hood, such as the air pressure above the room, the location of the specific floor, the size of the pipe, and the ventilation of the room. The situation and so on will interfere with the actual amount of exhaust air.

In other words, the exhaust air volume of the range hood product during the promotion cannot be directly equal to the actual use effect after the consumer purchases and installs.

In addition to the above three characteristics, Yiou also found that the market sound of the whole kitchen is getting bigger and bigger in the process of researching kitchen appliances. The most obvious example is that cabinet companies are also starting to Make a big push into the overall kitchen industry.

According to the “2016-2022 China Whole Kitchen Industry Analysis and Market Forecast Report” published by Zhiyan Consulting Group in 2016, the overall kitchen market in China has reached 40 billion yuan. However, in China’s approximately 100 million urban households, the overall kitchen ownership rate is only 6.8%. This figure is far lower than the average of 35% in developed countries in Europe and America. Therefore, there is huge room for growth in the overall kitchen industry in the future.

This is also an important reason why many companies have entered the kitchen. They include professional cabinet companies such as Europa, Kebao and Ile, as well as home appliance brands such as Haier, Vantage and Fangtai. And their overall kitchen products are also different.

However, according to the offline research, there are not many users who actually buy kitchen appliances and cabinets together. Many users consulted most during the purchase process. ——“Can I buy the XX brand range hood and match your whole kitchen cabinet? The store clerk has repeatedly calmed down. Said yes. This means that as the whole cabinet and the whole kitchen of the brother industry, it will take a long time to really get through.

Because of the huge market development space of the whole kitchen, Yiou Home will also conduct research on the topic of “the whole kitchen”, and as the industry with the largest increase in the overall household appliance market, kitchen appliances It will still be a key area of ​​concern for Yiou Home for a long time.

We believe that the kitchen power market will undergo more changes in 2018. In addition to the overall kitchen, popular keywords such as the Internet of Things, human-computer interaction, and big data will also generate more linkages with kitchen appliances under the development of technology. By then, there will be more emerging products in the kitchen appliance industry. By that time, the real “smart kitchen appliances” will be full of vitality.

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