Thinking Differences between IT and OT to bring the Internet industry problems

Some time ago wrote an article “Industrial Internet arena: we need to have on manufacturing awe”, actually read nearly 20,000 Finance has more than 11 people to forward the amount of reading 20,000, this makes me very strange, in fact, I OT originally just want to make people a word, because the Internet industry iT arena sound like some of the NPC, while the real from the industry on the Internet in the manufacturing sector does not seem so optimistic, maintaining questioned more, why it occurs kind of situation, I feel that for a long time now consider these two camps have a great relationship, “Gehangrugeshan” thinking, pattern difference, think clearly these issues, but also will know how to mutual understanding and integration.
the integration of IT and OT in terms of technology, in fact, not difficult, but the key difference is that thinking, which is reflected in the following areas: 1. The difference between the tool and the core business for the IT side, the interconnected network , database, development platform, application software is their core product, so do the manufacturing time, IT is based on the realization of their own products, what programs can do to find the scene (note, is looking for scenarios, but not for the scene design products), and OT people to do the manufacturing sector, he is to solve the problem, looking for better tools to solve problems, for example, in order to achieve more economic data presentation, Web Server can be integrated into the controller, You can then access via IE, and therefore , the OT is found in looking for IT technology tools.
It’s like I just graduated from Angel Yeast work as electrical and instrumentation section, we will find that their salaries compared to fermentation and drying process section has a large gap between our highest less than their lowest level since in this biological fermentation enterprises, fermentation and drying process is the core mechanical and electrical auxiliary, which is similar to the + Internet. This is the difference between treatment groups in both directions in the manufacturing sector, the OT person point of view, this is not the core of IT, so , just + Intnernet it, because IT is a tool, and for IT people, they think we can form a new Internet + ecological and profitable business model. Thus , Internet + and + Internet is not a simple vocabulary to create controversy, actually behind the two camps of their respective manufacturing upgrade “me” centered understand. 2. Bottom-up and top-down thinking already mentioned last time, the Internet industry in terms of achieving its aim of course is to be implemented to improve the overall operational efficiency through digital connections, OT At present, many people for so-called IT industry is dominated by the Internet have found these comments because the architecture can not fall to the ground because of the complexity of the IT field who are not aware, the Internet and business are two completely different worlds, because real-time, stability and reliability , safety – not to speak of information security, but to the functional safety of persons and property safety of production, unlike commercial networks, iT-based architecture to promote the overall top-down and bottom OT must verify feasible, then a grade level upward, the implementation must ensure that the data transmission connection possible, and accurate signal acquisition, and data collection storage, or mechanism model data intelligent algorithm to consider the application, and then performing the feedback, closed-loop verification must start from the bottom instead of starting with a ride on top of architecture, go to so-called technical iterations.
However, it is also normal, the current OT companies are integrated into the IT elements in its architecture, and IT companies like now, integration is still somewhat difficult to control, which is difficult to break through barriers to vertical IT advancing the cause of difficult . 3. centralized management and distributed control for departure from itself, IT infrastructure software such as ERP / MES, geographic information systems, their payment system architecture is centralized scheduling and optimization, so [ 123], which is the origin from “management” instead of “control”, and the person to achieve OT “control”, control and management of a very large difference in the time granularity, and the difference of the sampling accuracy, on the other hand, that the management concentrated, and in the process industry is to control distribution (DCS), for single computers, and centralized control (PLC), and co-manufacturing sector is required to enter another “centralized control and distributed computing,” the fusion of architecture calculated here is often based on the “information” rather than “signal.” In this direction, IT and OT achieve the integration, which is why the two come together more and more, we are going to achieve data transmission efficiency in manufacturing, as well as tap the potential in the data. 4. The difference between general and specializedBecause IT applications are based on the consumer in terms of large-scale applications to share costs, including micro-channel payment, the balance of treasure, Morocco thanks to cycling, Alibaba, Baidu these scenarios are based on a common architecture to achieve, relying on lower each amortized cost to achieve the ultimate user of the economy, and then get “viral” expansion. Features manufacturing sector is exclusive, and therefore
, want to meet technical architecture has its own characteristics, in order to obtain the economy, because it is too complex framework for small applications, It is not economical. This is less able to adapt to the needs of operators OT why IT infrastructure, general and specialized respectively reflect economic and professional guide. Using a common Internet can not solve the problem of the industrial scene, so , in a sense Industrial Internet does not exist, instead of using the Internet architecture of OPC UA TSN to achieve this interconnection. OPC UA provides general and specialized fusion, the IT general SoA service-oriented architecture, Web Service, TCP / UDP and the like of transmission is integrated, but also defines a data structure of the type according to the general IT development, but in the vertical direction and using partnership agreements (ISA-95, MTConnect, PackML, Euromap, etc.), and therefore
, attention can be focused on the Internet industry to achieve OPC UA and TSN technology. 5. If the difference between profit model according to distinguish profit model will find that, by reducing the profit model of the IT barriers CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , a so-called “viral” expansion thereby reducing the cost per user, to thereby obtain excess profits, its competition eventually form a “winner takes all” situation, competitors often end up dead (or acquisitions), as is often said in the semiconductor industry can survive only oldest and second oldest, youngest They are dead. However, the manufacturing sector must gain maximum benefit by building high-technology barriers through differentiated competitiveness, such as efforts on higher quality, lowest cost, and therefore
, from the perspective of the manufacturing sector is concerned, it has a certain closeness, the use of high-tech barrier barriers to get the maximum benefit, of course, all the competition is brutal, when the final competition it depends not only on technology, but depends on management, the power of capital. Competitive are built high barrier, but high barriers to IT and OT built in a lateral manner, in a longitudinal
CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , and therefore , two during a time when the integration will be a lot of problems: (1) .IT that data collection is important, however, OT did not want to open the data source, because here are my Know-How; (2) .OT feel me be a local area network, however, IT does not feel that this private network economy, reluctant to spend on doing. So the solution is to focus on “private cloud” of IT infrastructure , each IT companies are seen as key industrial areas in this direction scene development, data entry led to a scramble IT and OT strategic cooperation between companies. 6. The difference between the right to speak another interesting is the big IT vendors in the arena sound, the origin and history-related, IT technology was first developed in the United States itself does not belong to vested interests, so the development of IT industry, unlike many government-industry support, especially as aerospace, shipbuilding, energy and other industries require very strong financial, technical barriers, and therefore , at the beginning of IT development, are all barbaric growth process, because in the early on industrial investment point of view, unlike traditional industry so significant results, but it also promoted the development of the VC. Therefore, , IT industry itself is a market based on free competition open industry group, this group formed a wolf culture in this growing, has the ambition to break new ground, with orator like power to lobby for investors to be good at acting, so , trained their remarkable style, which compared with the manufacturing sector, with very large differences in style. in the stationInternet industry, in promoting intelligent manufacturing, IT plays a big role, and OT are often more cautious and will not make any promises do not fly, because, + / – 0.1mm +/- 0.1mm is this is can be measured, and for IT, it can not be more precise measurement is not necessary thanks to precise measurement Mount bike parked in the distance of 1 meter subway place. Therefore,
, in promoting the Internet industry, you will find the sound between the two is different, relatively speaking, greater IT’s voice, but the voice of OT stronger. In fact, these problems in the course of normal Internet to promote industrial dispute, OT IT tools needed to get the run more economical, while IT needs OT scenes to expand their knowledge and application of the standard economic evaluation.

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