Thinking layout of the future industrial rid of Asia

Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in its recently released “2030 Asia advanced technology,” the report Control Engineering Copyright , based on 30 important technologies for future worldwide research available, select experts from China, Japan, Singapore, India and other Asian countries, 10 major investigation and data analysis, given in 2030 for Asia’s 10 most critical advanced technology, and are from the influence of technology penetration and investment priority perspectives were analyzed and compared, providing advice and guidance for future national policy planning and business development.
Figure: 2030 the world’s advanced technology: Asia’s top 10 advanced technology (Source Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute report)
The report also will be available with 10 in the world is frequently mentioned technology In contrast, we found in Asia and the world for the next key technical concerns are quite different. The report notes that the “most countries have focused on different technical breakthrough, Asian countries pay more attention to daily life related technologies.” But whether it is a global or Asian countries surveyed, it is generally considered artificial intelligence (AI) and service robots is very important to the future of advanced technology.
Figure: 2030 key technology in Asia and around the world (Source: Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute report)
Application of global concern due to AI artificial intelligence development can benefit almost all economic, industrial and service areas, it is considered since the invention of the steam engine in the history of human science and technology biggest breakthrough innovation, attention around the world. Currently in the field of basic research AI, the United States, China, Britain, Germany is quite advanced, but in practical application and commercialization of AI technology, it is mainly the United States and China have emerged a number of new, global success large innovative companies. At present, the AI ‚Äč‚Äčindustry professionals worldwide field of about 20 million people, mainly in the United States, China and other countries in start-ups and technology giants. Business practitioners on the distribution and abundance of talent, as of June 2017, total global startups 2617 , the United States accounted for 1078’s first home, a total of about 78,700 employees; China to 592 home ranked second, a total of 39,200 employees, only 50% of the United States. China AI industry is mainly concentrated in the application layer, while the United StatesMainly in the foundation and technology layers. AI industry in the United States in the base layer, layer technology, the number of practitioners of the application layer are 14 times that of China, 2.3 times, 1.3 times; China’s reserve talent base layer AI is weak, especially in the processor / chip and AI technology platform lack of senior personnel to support the education system and high-end industrial development life. This also confirms the view ITRI report on Asian countries to focus on advanced technology research and development applications. Turning to China’s comprehensive strength and AI industry are relatively strong development momentum, there have been more applications in the field of consumption, but the real AI application in industrial production processes, is still in the exploratory stage. 2017, China announced to seek in 2030 to become the world leader in the field of AI, and the introduction of appropriate policies and guidance documents to further concentrate business, research and policy in the field of AI focus basic scientific issues, the creation of their own data sovereignty, and thus exploit the economic potential of key technologies, and strive to achieve by 2019 a breakthrough application in the production site. AI service robots broad space for development in the rapidly growing consumer industry, directly boosting the research and development of service robots, which is the service robotics technology as an important reason for the second worldwide and Asia of common concern. Service robots is one of the most abundant hardware integration of new technologies, mainly be engaged in maintenance, repair, transportation, cleaning, security, rescue, monitoring, etc., wide range of applications, the degree of the current market is still in its infancy, but growing faster than fast, very broad space for development. Accompanied by a worldwide shortage of labor and simple aging such as rigid drive, as well as expanding health care spending needs of the industry, service robots is one of the strong pillars of the future economic development of countries. Among 48 countries around the world nowadays robot development Control Engineering Copyright , there have been 25 involved in the development of service robots. In the more developed countries among the highest in the Control Engineering Copyright , the Western countries to the United States, Germany and France as the representative of Asia to Japan and South Korea as the representative. China’s “national long-term Science and Technology Development Plan (2006-2020)” intelligent service robots as the cutting-edge technology focus on the development of the next 15 years, and developed a “service robot technology development” in 2012 second five “special planning “to support development of the industry. Our R & D in the field of service robots in Japan,The United States and other countries started late compared to the large absolute gap in developed countries, but in relation to the industrial robot, the gap is small, and because the services are generally in conjunction with specific market development, thus our local service robot industry in the future will face a relatively large opportunities and development space. 6G 6G leader in mobile network technology mobile network technology ranked second in the top ten of the technical report mentioned, we think mainly due to the impact of China Huawei world’s leading companies in the field of state 5G technology and equipment produced and triggered investment heat. China was the end of 2017 began to develop the concept 6G Control Engineering Copyright , Huawei’s engineers have now also begun to 6G standards development. In addition to China CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , 6G ongoing conceptual design and development work related countries and regions as well as the United States, Russia, the European Union. China and Huawei continued huge investment in scientific research for the development of our country can lead in the global 5G, 6G provided a guarantee. According to statistics, China’s communications construction spending has surpassed the United States about $ 24 billion, and is expected to add another $ 400 billion. Since 2015, China has established a nationwide 35 million new mobile phone base stations, by contrast, the United States fewer than 30,000. In the European Union issued the “2018 EU Industrial R & D investment ranking” in the Control Engineering Copyright , Huawei to 11.3 billion euros (equivalent to approximately 88.399 billion yuan) of the R & D investment in China ranked first, fifth in the world, these R & D investment accounted for total revenues of Huawei’s annual share of 14.7%. Autopilot and bring new energy vehicles as well as autopilot technology and new energy vehicle technology has changed the landscape of the auto industry opportunities arranged in front of the report, we believe that the future of our country also needs to focus on the development of related industries in this area. In fact, around the field, in response to industry of technological change, the world auto industry giants are increasing the pace of technological innovation, is intended to consolidate and develop their industry position. But both the BMW or Toyota and other companies, at the same time pursue new technologies do not give up the conventional internal combustion engine technology and other R & D and production, the reason behind thought-provoking. The past 20 years, with the rapid development of China’s automobile industry, car production scale year after the first, has become the world’s largest auto market CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the overall technological level of China’s own brand car companies have been greatly improved, it is still difficult to catch up with the world’s leading automobile companies in the short term in the traditional technical areas, while based on energy, environment , transportation and other constraints, the future of China’s auto industry should be based on new energy vehicles and autonomous vehicles production as the main breakthrough. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that China’s auto industry to seize the strategic opportunities, focusing on research and development and restructuring and upgrading energy power system and autopilot technology, the automobile industry to promote low-carbon, intelligent, through the “corner overtaking” to achieve auto power. Block chain technology to enhance confidence and security in addition, block chain technology cryptography way to ensure data can not be tampered with and can not be forged, mainly to solve the problem of trust and security transactions, future technology integration through the intersection and artificial intelligence, virtual reality, will have a greater potential applications in smart contract, supply chain finance, credit, product traceability and other fields. Summary In summary, the report of our market-oriented and consumer demand in 2030, the layout of the current R & D and industrial development to provide a reference with a convincing force. From the national strategic level, it suggested that China should get rid of Asian thinking, the world, for many advanced technologies listed in the report, especially the top ten technology, industry, academia, research a systematic study of all walks of life together.

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