Three important criteria of evaluation of the level of intelligent manufacturing enterprises

From the front end of the heat wave observation technology, new concepts, new vocabulary, new technologies stunning, but so manufacturers either “afraid to miss this train, fear on the wrong bus” and a loss. From vigorous bustling scene behind, we felt vaguely intelligent manufacturing research makes IT band side, and the tool as a target, as a result of the form; we are pursuing digitization, networking and business efficiency, quality, cost seem separated by a layer of skin. When we leave the initial starting point has to go very far, and should go back to square one to think about what the original intention of “intelligent manufacturing” road of Yes. Did not forget the early heart , was always square.
Professor Shi Le Yuan twenty years has been at the industrial manufacturing and management science at the forefront of exploration and practice. 2016 Professor Shi Le Yuan proposed discussion “Industrial Management from 1.0 to 4.0” in. I think this is a new understanding of the theoretical system opens the door to industrial management, industrial management from a new understanding of the nature of manufacturing, industrial management innovation to find the path and way for technological progress to upgrade the enterprise management to return to the economic significance of the enterprise. Research in recent years has been studying theoretical system, but also the United States and China to do a number of cases and sum up experience. I have some experience into a number of topics to write out one after another and we discuss the exchange. Industrial Management: no doubt about 1.0 to 4.0 from the three questions asked manufacturing companies, industrial manufacturing is a very complex system. Placed in front of manufacturing managers is not a whole lot but intertwined issues. Scientific research begins with the question. The right to ask questions is tantamount to solve half the problem. To find out the nature of the problem in the “heap problem” manufacturing system (mess) the problem extremely difficult. In this paper three problems found in the surface layer, made to the manufacturing enterprise: 1. When to get an order, could provide accurate delivery? 2. After-order delivery, the ability to know the cost of production per order? 3. When an impact occurs abnormal production site, it can give those orders, how much influence? This is the most basic manufacturing enterprises three important questions. Unfortunately, the vast majority of companies are not able to answer these three questions CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , especially in low-volume, multi-species, mixed-line production of manufacturing enterprises. This is a manufacturing enterprise to be answeredA basic question. It should also be an important criteria for evaluating enterprise level of intelligent manufacturing. 1. Delivery is the most direct target company. Because it is not accurate to control the delivery of orders, if you want to achieve on-time delivery Control Engineering Copyright , companies can only use time and money as the price. Increased inventory, set up adequate buffer time, overtime, sea air and other changes are effective common method. Can not accurately assess the production capacity, given orders reliable delivery is related to the enterprise’s core competitiveness problems, but also directly affect the production cycle orders, productivity and costs. 2. How much business is now manufacturing cost for each order? Which order to make money? Which orders lost money? Probably nobody knows for sure it is one of. The question asked many companies. A large power transformer manufacturing company, they are used in accordance with this order several tons of copper, multiplied by a coefficient estimates. A manufacturer of hydraulic support large enterprises in accordance with multiple steel estimation. Although ERP cost management module, but do not expect it to provide much help. ERP from birth when he recognized the complexity of the order cost, so the cost to put the definition of the production process of becoming “indirect costs” for reference only. 3. Industrial production site and the entire supply chain is full of uncertainty. Usually we call “flexible” production, not only to adapt to different product orders “flexible”, as well as various production sites should appear abnormal to show flexibility. Eliminate some or all of the uncertainty is passive, helpless an idea or inefficient to confront these uncertainties and to find a suitable solution is another idea. Unfortunately, we are usually thinking the former. Thus, many of the so-called flexible “flexible production line” is very limited. We often say that to achieve customization production, if you can not answer that third question it will be impossible. Why has not bothered to these three questions? This is because social progress, consumer attitudes have changed, the demand for personalized, market competition, and at the same time production model has changed. If a bicycle factory car year after year on the production of male female car two products, if products become commodities just to steal, nor the existence of these problems. It’s safe to say that the future demand for personalized customization of orders increasing the degree; the degree of competition in the market have become more sophisticated, enterprises are to survival and development, the three askedThe problem is must not be avoided. Perhaps, some people disagree. The factory every day to deliver orders to customers. Factory has been done “under the refrigerator from the customer personalized orders, three minutes can be produced.” And now there are so many “4.0 factory” are unmanned intelligent. Moreover, today’s rapid development of science and technology. All things are connected, you can freely get information, how could such problems are not even answer it? I thought CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , that this should not be cognitive problems may come from the following aspects. First, do not understand the nature of industrial production, the complexity of the manufacturing process is unclear and manufacturing management. Second misconception that some of the consumer goods products (such as refrigerators, color TVs, mobile phones, etc.) according to the assembly and manufacture of high-volume menu categories represent the main mode of industrial manufacturing, and even advanced manufacturing paradigm. The third is to ignore the industrial manufacturing system is a big industry chain collaboration, cutting out a partial operating results can not explain the whole problem. The three issues in this paper is a system-level problem. More may be due to “all things are connected,” artificial intelligence technology blindly worship, technical boundary is not clear where? They just want to “all things are connected,” what can you do, do not know what not to do? Almost all businesses are faced with three problems plagued and tortured. So far, to address these issues and time-tested “magic bullet” that “time and money can solve all management problems.” There is no doubt that Control Engineering Copyright , in the increasingly fierce market competition in the moment, with the most advanced science and technology help us think about the essence of understanding of these issues, to find the most economical and practical solution is that we study intelligent manufacturing topic. In fact, the three above-mentioned problem is not only that we can not, including manufacturing enterprises in developed countries, the same can not be a good answer to these three questions. Recalling the history of industrial development nearly two hundred years, we can see human labor productivity was a great improvement. A new round of technological revolution is to make technological advances in the industry with each passing day. If we take the industrial production from research, product design, manufacturing process, market and operation and maintenance of the entire process unfold, we truly feel every aspect of today’s new technology successfully applied in industrial manufacturing fields obtained in each longitudinal segment areasThere are very in-depth progress, and even some aspects are disruptive technological progress. However, we also find this fact: in industrial enterprises design, production, operation and maintenance of market allocation of resources and command and decision-making, and now the state is not essentially different a hundred years ago. Technological advances there is a stagnant dead zone. A hundred years ago people just rely on people’s experience, do planning and scheduling on the factory floor with a table, now we are still a form, but the paper forms become Excel. We think calmly under intelligent manufacturing boom, while technological progress in various vertical dimension rapid development and progress, why horizontal collaboration, expand the slow progress? In fact, at the current time we vigorously promote industrial Internet platform, also face such a predicament. The rapid development of application technology vertical, and bring us countless “pipe”, while the effect of “platform” has as yet not reflected. Based on the three issues raised by the enterprise level, on the nature of this phenomenon are related. These three issues for business is a direct interest. In a competitive environment for enterprise resource allocation What does it mean? Scientific allocation of resources to implement what can bring to the enterprise? Modern technology can not achieve a breakthrough in the “real-time, dynamic optimization” Global resource sector? This is a question every person is committed to intelligent manufacturing management innovation should consider.

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