Three key node of the path of the digital transformation: Gartner

At present, the rapid digital wave positive impact on all aspects of China’s economic, social and policy. Government strongly supports the digital transformation of the digital economy continue to play an important role in the Chinese economy; and a large number of Internet users is constantly energized Chinese digital business model fast, large-scale commercial – China is already the world’s largest electricity one business market and is bound to become an important force in global mobile payment. Although China’s consumer end digital at the forefront of the world, but the digital transformation of enterprises is relatively backward. Especially the central enterprises generally in position “catch-up”, and even some companies have not yet taken the first step in digital transformation. These enterprises are not clear and its response to the digital transition is the wave of technology development, to seize the commanding heights of the economy an important opportunity number, but a lack of clear understanding of the digital transformation path, leading digital capacity building as a whole in its infancy. Recently, Gartner Research Vice President Sun Zhiyong (Daniel Sun) was invited to participate in the “state-owned enterprise IT innovation and application seminar”, and shared three key enterprises in the digital transformation of the way that should be considered. The following is the main content of the speech.
Or whether academic industry, the current focus on the digital transition can be attributed to ‘two’ modes’ a ‘transformation’ under the change. ” Specifically, the first mode is “IT operating model” –IT business model change will involve IT strategy and governance, IT organizational structure design, product manufacturing and agile. Another mode is referred to as “business model.” In the context of business model innovation, new retail, and with the ability to analyze large data sets in and is currently a hot topic and concepts. At the same time, the introduction of “Agile” has become the new direction of the company promote the digital transformation. The reason is that the core of the digital transformation of “change.” When the face of this never-ending and unpredictable “change”, the enterprise can not sit still, without a fight, so more attention is devoted to the “speed” and “flexibility”, also known as “agile.” And “agile” is being sought for the digital wave of the importance of the survival and development of enterprises CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , from the digital transition paths, development and delivery, operation mode change three aspects of interpretation. Key point 1: the digital transition path from the point of view of the significance of agile digital transformation can be divided into technologyAnd business are two different paths to achieve. Specific techniques include. 5G, artificial intelligence, and a block chain cloud. And at the operational level, the starting point of the digital transformation of the subject is the integration of business and IT, that once out of business scenarios, IT can only be called a digital practice and innovation, rather than the true sense of the digital transition. The company’s digital transformation journey is a gradual, continuous process of exploration. In this process, the dynamic complexity of external factors, technological developments, changes in market demand and other business needs keep “agile.” Since the introduction of agile entire process of digital transformation of necessity, and therefore it will trigger a comprehensive reform of enterprise business model, and then find a business model innovation opportunities and possibilities. Needless to say, the end point of the digital transformation that is the ultimate goal of the assessment is whether or not a business model innovation. This innovation not only means “from a traditional financial services company into a digital technology company” of such changes, it is one that can promote more growth for the company’s business model optimization and changed, for example from the line into line, from single channel to become a full channel. Key 2: From the point of view the level of development and delivery of agile development on the traditional sense of meaning and deliver more focused on “project-based”, and the project delivery system generally overdue and over budget this problem, Gartner’s survey found worldwide within 38% of projects delivered late and 30% of the project budget, the reliability and controllability of the project system is not strong. In this context, known as agile or “product-centric Agile delivery model” has become the mainstream of current digital transformation. This shows that Control Engineering Copyright , if the company has not yet introduced agile, then it will significantly behind competitors in the development efficiency. 3 key points: the view from the change operating mode agile significance
In fact, not only lead to the introduction of agile working methods, development tools or cutting mode change, it is important triggers a change in the whole business model ring – namely change the operating mode. Gartner believes is a business model “of nine related elements that make up an organism.” For example, the reason is that the nine elements of solidarity, when changes in corporate work, team personnel will be adjusted, for example, be able to join Trader agile employees; new talent team will force further changes in the organizational structure. At the same time, the company’s outsourcing and financial budget model will be in the use of agile processDynamic adjustment, in order to ensure quick delivery and development can proceed smoothly. It can be said, because the nine factors affect the situation as a whole, so companies have to conduct a comprehensive change, otherwise we can not comprehensively promote digital transformation. Therefore, companies need to consider the specific effects after a quick reference brought in the digital transition. In addition CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , after the reference agile, companies need to continuously explore the polyester it updated. However, the department will become the biggest obstacle to an island exploration process. Therefore, companies need to eliminate islands of departments in the “team” transformation, to create a wide range of agile development teams. Future, a wide range of agile development team includes both marketing and user experience with the product and other business-related personnel, including engineering, development and operation and maintenance of automatic test these traditional IT staff.
It is also noteworthy is that companies in the adjustment team, we must also consider the right to change the entire organizational structure of the , that is, to create a more “contact” quick-driven architecture . The most important advantage of more “contact” organization-driven enterprise IT teams is the ability to have more contact manner, thus the formation of collaboration and interaction with the business sector, more clearly and accurately understand the business requirements, and ultimately support digital business digital business model innovation and evolution carried out.
In summary, companies change their mode of operation at the same time, other aspects also need to be adjusted. For example, enterprises in the future introduction of agile mode, its outsourcing strategy will be changed dramatically; in addition to its own reasons to explore and external uncertainty, outsourcing, self-construction, investment, business combination will become a hot topic in the future. In addition CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , enterprise and business best achieve the same level of office, in order to carry out more frequent business exchanges, to align demand and internal innovation. Third, companies should be dynamic budget CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the introduction of agile and continuous delivery tools. Fourth, digital or digitized business innovation business model change will be IT and Technology under contract with the Association for the product, and therefore shared decision-making between the business sector should be a key measure can not be ignored. The last and most crucial point, companiesWhen considering the introduction of agile to comprehensively promote the digital transformation, to deal with its own comprehensive consideration, including business what type of digital transformation talent now lacks, companies immediately provides adequate support for collaborative converged team, IT whether there is in business decision-making level participation rights and core issues such as the right to speak.

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