Through the cloud technology debut at the Asian Functional Beverage Show, innovative beverage industry marketing and access solutions

On September 20, 2018, Shanghai, the 2018 Asian Functional Beverage Innovation Summit was held in Shanghai today. Leading one-and-one-code solution provider, Through Cloud Technology demonstrated the “scan code marketing and “distribution management products” for the beverage industry, and brought a number of customer application cases. By giving each bottle a unique QR code, the company’s solution provides marketing and distribution management tools for functional beverage brands, along with data insights, to help brands easily deploy scan code marketing campaigns and manage merchandise access processes, and keep abreast of them. The effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

The market for functional beverages is promising and competitive. According to the forecast of the China Business Research Institute, the retail sales of functional beverages in China will exceed 45 billion yuan in 2018. In the next five years, the functional beverage market is expected to have a compound growth rate of more than 12%, and the market potential is huge. At present, China’s functional beverage market is “super-strong and strong”. According to the Prospective Industry Research Institute, in 2017, Red Bull has a 58% share of the Chinese functional beverage market. In addition, Yibao’s “Magic and Wang Sicong Investment” Local brands such as Ai Luo also joined the competition in the functional beverage market in 2017.

In the face of increasing market and increasing competition, Turbo Technology brings exclusive solutions and cases to beverage marketers, providing new options for innovative marketing and distribution management of functional beverage brands. .

Through the cloud booth, the booth attracted the audience.

Scan code: Line Time, location, consumer and product information for consumption

Scan code marketing can capture consumer offline purchase behavior data, help brands understand the impact of the event, and provide a basis for secondary marketing. After the consumer scans the code, the brand can obtain the time, place, product, consumer and other scan code data to understand the effect of the marketing campaign, and optimize the marketing plan according to the interactive effect.

Jianlibao, one of the participating brands, has already interacted with consumers in the marketing campaign of “Dynamic Power Vitamins Fortified Beverages” through the scanning code marketing of Turbo Technology, effectively enhancing the products. Sales. During the event, Yuan Dynamic flexibly adjusted the number of prizes and the winning rate, optimized the effect of the event, motivated consumers to participate, and ultimately improved the consumer experience.

With the brand and the consumer, the brand and the consumer realize deep online and offline interaction

& ldquo; one thing and one code to help the brand association to buy offline behavior and online Social, consumer scan code will be diverted to the brand WeChat public account, associated consumer offline purchase and online social behavior data, providing an analytical basis for marketing activities. At the same time, through emotional and material incentives, the brand directly enhances communication with consumers in addition to scanning code marketing.

The interactive function has been applied in the cooperation between Yunyun Technology and many well-known beverage brands. In the Lipton milk tea’s “helping friends, in the love heating scan code, we invite friends to help warm up. Win the form of points, encourage consumers to share, form community marketing, and thus expand the influence of the event. The material incentives of the points redemption and the emotional incentives of interaction with friends, not only stimulate consumers to repeat purchases, but also communicate with consumers directly and in high quality.

Product Assignment and Reverse Registration for Distribution Management

Through the “One Object and One Code Assignment”, you can track the production and circulation of each product. Help beverage brands manage inventory and distributors at all levels. The whole process of product circulation from production to distributors is tracked, and it can also help beverage brands to carry out product anti-smuggling and protect distributors’ rights and interests.

In the production inventory management process, the code can track the product in the production process, help the inventory management, and understand the product in and out of the warehouse through the mobile APP, view the inventory of the warehouse, and compare the inventory count. Form a profit and loss statement, etc.

In the channel inventory management process, the rebate activity provided by the through cloud technology solution encourages the sub-distributor or store to input the information of the superior distributor, complete the supply chain from the bottom up, reduce the stock, and ensure the product is in the Smooth distribution of each distribution area. Beverage brands can also carry out promotions between distributors and stores, and reward them by scanning code to maintain loyalty.

In June of this year, Turbine Technology implemented a channel marketing project for Yinqiao Dairy, which applied mobile packaging with variable QR code for the product, giving each product a unique QR code. Brands track product flow through mobile auditing tools, and first-tier dealers can easily scan for receipts. Based on the company’s distributor management service platform, the company has helped Yinqiao Dairy to implement the anti-smuggling mechanism based on one-to-one code, and monitor and evaluate the entire activity through background data analysis.

Scanning data for better business decision-making

Billion counts show that scan volume is positively correlated with market spread. Through cloud technology provides enterprises with integrated consumer big data analysis platform, obtaining first-hand consumer scan code data, helping brands to portray consumer portraits, providing real and reliable insights for brands to develop precise marketing strategies for market segments. . The cloud-based technology system is based on the cloud architecture development of public cloud and private cloud, providing a financial system-level defense mechanism to protect data security.

Tuanyun Technology has experience in collaborating with more than 100 well-known brands in China and abroad, including Hengda Ice Spring, Nestle, Mengniu, Guangming and other beverage companies. Many beverage companies have used consumer scan code data as a reference for observing the effectiveness of distribution and the effect of online communication.

Turbine Technology staff introduces business and case to professional audience

Mr. Xie Zhen, CEO of Tsinghua Technology, said: “Tuoyun Technology combines information technology and marketing innovation to provide beverage companies with innovative solutions for scanning code marketing. Through cloud technology also provides process service consulting for fully automated code-production lines, from code production, distribution management, marketing activities to data insights, to help beverage companies make better business decisions.

About Turbo Technology

As a leader in the application of one thing and one code, Through Cloud Technology is committed to creating a unique QR code for each product. The boundaries of communication with each existing consumer. With the help of one thing, the company will be able to create an ecosystem that is centered on every consumer. Based on consumer behavior analysis, companies continue to improve the individual interaction between consumers and brands, and continue to enhance consumer loyalty to the brand, companies can also gain more business insight through the data accumulated by scanning code.

About Turbine Technology Group

China Turbine Technology Group Co., Ltd. (stock code: HK01332) is principally engaged in the design, development, production and sales of packaging products and sales terminal display products. The group now has a number of QR code printing patents, and provides product QR code printing services and one-stop innovative digital marketing solutions for Chinese product manufacturers; Group product packaging innovation QR code technology & ldquo; The combination of technology and marketing innovation provides companies with integrated solutions including code scanning marketing, distribution management, flood prevention auditing, and product traceability.

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