To accelerate the digital transformation of the automotive industry, the primary consideration

The biennial Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition has just concluded. As one of the world’s leading international automobile exhibition, the exhibition has attracted many well-known enterprises. In more than 360,000 square meters of exhibition area, the newest cars, trucks, vans and buses debut. According to reports, the total number of exhibitors this exhibition more than 1400 vehicles, including the Mercedes – Benz EQC, BMW Vision iNEXT well as the Audi e-tron, including about 100 models for the world premiere. Not difficult to find models from many exhibitors, with the continuous development of the Internet and 5G, automobile manufacturers as reached a tacit understanding, have set foot on the road to accelerate the digital transformation, the focus to digital, intelligent and interconnected. According to Frost & Sullivan’s latest report, by the year 2020 CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the growing digitization process and technological advances will promote investment in the automotive industry climbed to $ 82 billion. In fact, unified products and services have been far from satisfying the current needs of different consumers. Especially with the “smart +” new trend of rapid development in China, consumers demand for customized products has prompted automakers to be more digitally on product design and publishing. Currently Control Engineering Copyright , almost every car manufacturer and distributors are actively promoting digital transformation, but transformation of the entire industry is still at the exploratory stage. In fact, the topic of digital transformation of the automotive industry mainly revolves around the customer experience and expectations. Essentially, the digital transition should focus on all aspects of the marketing, operations to services across any fast, secure, consistent demand for seamless service delivery channels and devices to meet a customer of the growing up. Full advantage of today’s consumers are very interested in, especially for Millennials very attractive digital technology is very important, but the car companies must optimize their network and mobile performance, so as to bring extraordinary experience for end users. In this context, the various car companies should focus on the following factors. 1. embrace SMAC– get rid of the shackles of the page Because today’s consumers are more involved in efforts to find a sense of interactive experience, auto companies must carefully consider how to provide customer-centric integrated network experience. Embrace SMAC concept already as good as a certified solution that this kind of social networks, mobile Internet, big data analytics, cloud computing (SMAC) is represented by emerging technologies is currently promoting business innovation. The traditional static pages have been enough to attract and service customers, car companies must carry out a series of innovative new technology-driven, to create an immersive user experience. Reveal user behavior through social media analysis and insight into the preferences, auto companies can achieve sustainable growth and profitability, while taking advantage of cloud and mobile technologies to meet growing customer expectations and provide a more attractive product for customers. 2. using the technical expertise to attract, reach consumers and maintain their loyalty auto companies know that consumers in the purchase of the car will be multiple comparison and selection. In order to attract potential customers, companies can launch rich digital content, highlighting the advantages of brand differentiation, thereby reducing the risk of losing customers. BMW Mini, for example, 2018, ON-DEMAND marketing campaigns in social media platforms Mini carried out with great success, gains many awards at the same time is to let the brand successfully harvest a number of new customers. Mini invited to Los Angeles and San Francisco citizens to send direct tweets @MINIUSA with #MINIonDemand label, then participants will receive a link to Control Engineering Copyright , click the link to register for the free trial drive activity. Los Angeles and San Francisco potential customers have been involved Control Engineering Copyright , send pictures to participate in Mini ON-DEMAND activities. Just four weeks, a total of 13,000 people participate in this event on the social media, Twitter Mini brand was mentioned in 1500, 703 people went to the dealer for information Mini new car. By conducting fascinating online activities, car companies can deepen ties with consumers. 3. In addition to resist the commercialization of products and services, auto companies should also use a variety of methods to maintain consumer loyalty. Only concerned sales is not enough, the network experience is also crucial. Automobile business managers will help customer-centric technology to actively promote innovation, to provide a simple, satisfaction of the customer experience. 4. support various channels seamless process now extinctionFee wishes to seamless traveling between various channels. At the same time, millennials in the purchase of the car will use a variety of mobile technologies, make an inquiry, to find models, looking for distributors view the specifications and read the comments of other consumers. Although the desktop is still important, but mobile technology has changed the auto companies to consider all aspects of the online sale of vehicles. For the consumer, in addition to purchasing through multiple channels, using different equipment will be essential to move uninterrupted across a variety of channels, which is eager consumers of automobile. They hope to open a desktop computer or mobile device online purchase process, through online chat or social media manager to interact with customers, receive short messages about the progress of the car reminders, and online access to all relevant documents and information. Consumers want all these operations can be continued across a variety of channels. 5. connected to the digital and the physical world despite the growing number of cars consumers want to buy cars online, but went into the 4S shop, test drive to experience the car is still essential to the process of a ring. Geofence feature in the mobile client application can help auto dealers, combine to enhance the buying information and location data to launch promotional activities, promotion of models to attract more potential customers and establish closer ties, and ultimately sales. 6. personalized customer interactions can be contacted anytime, anywhere around the consumer is very important, and millennial consumers keen to get information and interact in the mobile terminal. Compared to expand crazy e-mail and direct mail promotion to potential customers, auto companies can use the “game” of this innovative concept, to create a more attractive event in the mobile terminal, stimulate the enthusiasm of potential and existing customers to participate in and improve loyalty mobile end users, thereby forming a brand CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , and access to unique and insightful customer data. 7. realize intelligent data when the auto companies to embrace digital technology, consumers got his wish to get an extraordinary experience, while individual companies can get new insights from data collected in. Data analysis will help the auto companies to understand the characteristics and needs of each consumer, and so develop the best service programs for consumers. Auto companies can make use of a 360-degree view of the customer to provide personalized service through appropriate channels, to offer targetedAnd relevant offers. Akamai is committed to bringing secure digital experiences for the world’s largest enterprises. The research results show that today’s automotive consumers for safe, fast digital experience is expected to continue to improve and get even more popular in these digital experiences through mobile and tablet devices. And in the event of a bad web experience will choose to turn it off immediately, and no longer try to open, gradually lost the trust of the relevant brand in the process. Therefore, if the car companies hope that through the use of innovative technology to benefit from the digital transition, we must increase investment in speed, security and scale of nature.

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