To “man-machine complementary” to prevent “Lourdes movement” repeat

“Lourdes movement” began in March 1811, continuing a decade-long CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , is the first large-scale human history in order to “destroy the machine, resistance to new technology” as the fundamental demands the motion, to give vent to anxiety in the face of human machine “asymmetric advantage” and panic. In the revolutionary era of intelligent machines has been behind the stage, especially in recent years, Indonesia’s Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines plane crash in a row, so that human beings inevitably fall back into the technology and artificial material (Technical Artifact) “Sturm und Drang” fierce competition.
vigilance: “Lourdes movement” risk is the accumulation of a large number of historical deja vu, more than two centuries later, the artificial intelligence at the same time via the mass media caused widespread concern in society as a whole, once again the classic “machine substitutions” problem become a public hot spots. Persistent structural unemployment and falling wages caused by “survival threat” has become a strong rise of the current human artificial intelligence point where the pain is most afraid of. The face of artificial intelligence technology “dimension reduction blow”, humans began to distrust their own, especially in human pride senior intelligence activities (such as Go, literature, etc.) have gradually been artificial intelligence “occupation” and even ” rolling “time. On the other hand, due to the effect of “three into a tiger” under the knowledge gap between artificial intelligence experts and the public, mass media fueled, artificial intelligence technology background ‘machine Substitution’ problems that may arise, create false beliefs. To make matters worse CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , repeatedly mentioned the pessimism artificial intelligence “machine substitutions” controversy rising from the front of “unemployment” to the “problem of human destiny.” Kurzweil in the “near the singularity,” a book boldly predicted that “in the mid-21st century, artificial intelligence will surpass human beings, and lead to the breakdown of the structure of human history.” Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and Andy Herron Musk and other technology opinion leaders have repeatedly expressed concern about “the rise of artificial intelligence” in public, and even artificial intelligence compared to nuclear weapons. Furthermore, human labor positions substitute mass unemployment brought great social risk 99% of people likely to become a “brief history of humanity” by Yuval He Lali said the “useless class”, “artificial material back to bite the end of humanity Scenes”Right around the corner. In this context, artificial intelligence technology could lead to unprecedented concerns about unemployment or to trigger a new round of” Lourdes movement. “On the one hand, humanity is gradually showing attitude in dealing with artificial intelligence . “polarization” state and government and industry have in the field of artificial intelligence “staking, layout race” is different from the public prefers to as a “Pandora’s Box”; on the other hand, it is difficult to undertake intelligence reform “are replaced by” working under the old and the new kinetic energy into artificial intelligence technology and its products will be seen as the source of bad luck, “anti-technological progress,” will likely be “be replaced by” deified as an “extreme power”, by means of control of the “popular” and “wisdom” to continuously generate large-scale “Lourdes movement.” in view of this, we urgently need to open the “man-machine relations in the era of artificial intelligence,” the “black box” and seek “coup formula “in order to ensure that artificial intelligence technology” orbit “can be stable line Zhiyuan humans still dominant Practically speaking, industrial Automation, digital, intelligent today, mankind still dominant. On the one hand, the artificial intelligence is not “destroy” human labor, but to achieve the division of labor “transfer” and “upgrade.” Historical experience shows that technology change the machine to replace the artificial , but it also spawned a new industry, new areas of new jobs during the previous “Lourdes movement” people once thought he would be completely replaced by machines, but this “terrorist scene” does not appear real, as opposed to the new industries and new jobs in labor continue to emerge. in the third World intelligence Conference this year, the China Association for Science and technology Wan Gang, chairman cited a set of data shows , although in the future to replace 26% of the jobs in artificial intelligence “industry, agriculture and construction-based industry, but create an additional 38% of jobs in the service-oriented industry, to achieve a 12% net increase in jobs . “It is foreseeable that in the era of intelligent, mankind will enjoy showing people the ability to reason in a higher level of human labor, and really should fear Is that people on the “backward positions” over-dependence and obsession, without any explanation of this is that people in the face of technological superiority “self-destruction.” On the other hand, artificial intelligence will liberate human “labor time.” AI “machine Substitution “not machines replace humans in itself, from the” man-machine complementary “point of view, is the machine running time substituteHuman labor time – especially repetitive, mechanical labor time, so that people freed from the heavy production work out, increase individual disposable leisure time to a great extent and help people to freely develop creativity, imagination power and control. Accordingly, human artificial intelligence is an important means to achieve high-quality lifestyle. To “man-machine complementary” instead of “machine substitutions” for the future of Chinese artificial intelligence strategy and the “machine substitutions” as the basis of industrial policy CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , “man-machine complementary” One possible ideas for improvement, can seek protection from three aspects of ethics, and education system. First, the rapid development of artificial intelligence need to seek support ethics. AI fears uncontrolled human development and application of artificial intelligence will make the loss of the driving force from society, ethics is considered the beginning of an effective solution to this problem. Such as Japan Association of Artificial Intelligence in 2017 issued the “code of ethics of artificial intelligence research”; 2018 CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the British Parliament issued a report “Preparing the British artificial intelligence, and the ability to plan,” the appeal set ethical guidelines for the development and application of artificial intelligence. We can say that the necessary ethical guidelines artificial intelligence can protect all aspects of artificial intelligence technology healthy and rapid development and the benefit of mankind. Secondly, institution building inclusive to keep up with the pace of technological development. On the one hand, to implement the “man-machine complementary” step by step, to stabilize the negative effects of artificial intelligence machine may lead to substitutions. When the state has adopted plans, taking fully into account the speed and human survival, well-being and liberation of technological development such as access to a sense of close fit, to achieve a smooth transition. On the other hand, to establish the relevant basic security system for unemployment after the “machine substitutions”, such as for different industries, jobs and population policy underpinning the development of social security, so “be replaced by” can also share technology with Artificial Intelligence to “bonus.” Finally, give full play to “fall back” function of science communication. Moment, to artificial intelligence dissemination of scientific and technical research on the equally important position, by focusing on artificial intelligence “man-machine complementary relationship” and “controlled Strategy” and other topics, make full use of new media and cultural festivals and other means, popularization, dissemination and promotion of human complementary rather than opposing positions and beliefs. Simultaneously,Associated with the artificial intelligence of the general curriculum as soon as possible to incorporate all levels of education, to guide a new generation of young people “Artificial Intelligence and Human Destiny” to make a deep and positive thinking. “The road is long Come,” how harmoniously coexist in harmony with artificial intelligence, is a test of human wisdom. By three-dimensional and multi-dimensional reconstruction “ethics, institutional, education”, firmly to the “man-machine complementary” faith guide human life production practice, we can achieve “human harmony”, alleviate or even avoid the risk of alienation and “Lourdes the negative effects of movement “and so on. More importantly, we actively play artificially intelligent machines replace human repetitive, mechanical work, promote human development itself more fully and to pursue a higher quality of life.

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