To overcome the crisis – Industrial infrastructure sector after the digital transition epidemic, homeopathy and then upgrade

In this war “plague” in a race against time “Vulcan Hospital” and “Thor Hospital” construction will undoubtedly become the focus of everyone’s attention. Online real-time broadcast of the construction process, to make the world again witnessed the fire the lightning speed of China’s infrastructure. During the epidemic, although people across the country concentric house family war “plague”, but the livelihood of energy supply constantly kept open communications network. All this is precisely because of our sound industry, transport and communications network infrastructure strong ability to just let us remove the worries in the war “plague” in.
After the epidemic, industrial infrastructure sector is expected to benefit from the policy of the state has increased investment and accelerated growth, particularly in energy infrastructure, transport and logistics infrastructure Control Engineering Copyright , as well as cities and other municipal public health infrastructure, including industrial infrastructure and related engineering and construction industry. In the new round of development of industrial infrastructure industry ushered in after the plague, the PwC expects 5G, networking, big data, robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital twin models, virtual and augmented reality (VR / AR) and other emerging technologies will drive the industrial infrastructure industry related enterprises to enter “new infrastructure” development track digital transformation and upgrading, and reshape the following four key digital capability will help infrastructure sector enterprises usher in more development opportunities in the “new infrastructure” blueprint .
enterprises to build infrastructure and modular digital technology competitiveness – the wisdom of the site: more efficient, safer, more reliable energy supplier worldwide engineering and construction services, related infrastructure equipment manufacturers are trying to create a new competitive force one, is the most important technological innovation and competitiveness. The head of the infrastructure sector companies are quick to pull the lead, and the new technologies emerging, and failed to keep up the rapid obsolescence of enterprises. In the epidemic it is widely used in the construction process Vulcan Mountain and Raytheon Hill Hospital in “modular building” and “Supervision cloud” technology to the entire infrastructure sector and establish a best practices. The modular construction of the building in the form of two hospitals, all functional spaces by digital CAD and BIM systems previously designed a very high degree of standardization module combination, assembly of construction at the same time its adaptation, BIM-based project management system of digital planning and coordination, enabling efficient cross trades of the construction work, may provide for the rapid design, production and construction. Modular and digitization are an important factor in the construction sector to improve efficiency, green development, will also be an important future development trend of engineering and construction industry.For eager to take advantage of new technologies significantly improve efficiency, quality and safety, while significantly reducing operating costs and the impact of uncertainties in infrastructure engineering and construction companies, take advantage of emerging digital technologies can help companies build sites wisdom, and strengthen the competitiveness of digital technology. According to PwC’s insight, we believe that the wisdom of building a future site needs to include the following basic elements: integrated application of new technology means the Internet industry, BIM, 5G, IoT devices, networking and cloud technology, digital technology driven construction site management upgrade ; through digital technology fully aware of the construction site of the key elements of “human material in loop” and so on and real-time connectivity, digital, intelligent, integrated site management; the use of accurate data and information, by means of open and transparent information exchange platform, the industry chain to achieve real-time understanding and knowledge of front-line state in order to improve communication efficiency parties; build a scalable platform that can be updated with the changes and upgrade technology needs; at the same time the formation of ecological wisdom around the site.
2 upgrade infrastructure business investment decision-making ability – Digital Investment Management: After the deal with the uncertainty of future outbreaks investments, opportunities and challenges facing the international and domestic economic change in the situation, how to enhance the investment decision-making power infrastructure business, optimize cash flow and capital structure and increase the return on invested capital will be a key condition subsequent enterprise business development. Many companies have now begun to use science to create three-dimensional investment management index system based on big data and artificial intelligence technology innovation, strong investment analysis and simulation engine portfolio management platform flexible and dynamic, project cash flow and financial under different scenarios for benefit analysis simulation, and artificial intelligence analysis and recommendations based on the different portfolio allocation to choose from, in order to enhance their investment decision-making capacity and investing in the existing business of “blood” and “blood.” How can plague after every dollar will be a good investment if the company can guarantee the change in the situation in different economic scenarios have the cash flow to support existing and future progress of the project, as well as the expected benefits of investment in key projects can be realized. In response to these problems Control Engineering Copyright , we believe that companies can carry out infrastructure in the following areas immune from investment management: first, orderly planning investment route, first address the most urgent enterprise management bottlenecks , followed by the realization of the most important managementDemand, and ultimately enhancing the overall blueprint for landing. Second, the full application of new technologies Control Engineering Copyright , the use of new ideas to solve old technology management needs can not be achieved. As the Internet industry can refer to the medium and large station architecture can be achieved without having to set up base in the case of a major adjustment, according to business needs flexibility to adjust the foreground application demand, low cost, short cycle, flexible adjustment. Third, do the role of “information officers” changes. For investment management, high dependence on data, thus building a professional, high-quality information management and operations teams, proactive planning, operation and management of enterprise information production data Control Engineering Copyright , mining data asset value, provide ideas for including investment management, including business, it has become a priority.
build infrastructure projects Lifecycle Management – Digital Operations Management: real-time monitoring and management and preventive maintenance capabilities Vulcan and Thor Hill Hospital Hill Hospital construction process from design to delivery operations of media coverage the general public to see infrastructure projects from planning design, construction, operation and other projects to deliver full life-cycle management of key areas. Road traffic control around the importance of controlling the epidemic outbreak is self-evident, but in different cities nationwide municipal facilities and transport infrastructure for real-time monitoring and scheduling capabilities of emergency is still in varying stages. China Infrastructure “strong build”, but “weak operation and maintenance,” the short board after the epidemic has become the main direction of infrastructure projects to enhance the full life cycle management. Moreover, with the wisdom of the city to promote domestic infrastructure projects, expected to key transportation infrastructure projects wisdom and the wisdom of energy after the epidemic will become a hot field of infrastructure projects lifecycle management. Under the guidance of the full life cycle of infrastructure projects, the concept of operations, operational maintenance aspects will be better integrated into the infrastructure industry chain planning, design and construction of the building part of the front end, before the planning and construction process, asset acquisition and entry, testing and operation and maintenance the required data control Engineering Copyright , the establishment of effective project data management system, and the use of the Internet of things and cloud computing technology to monitor real-time connectivity infrastructure operators, the formation of planning and design, construction projects covering, operations three key aspects of conservation-end lifecycle management loop. And in the further strengthening of infrastructure operation and maintenance of maintenance, passing from periodic maintenance or emergency nature, gradually twin digital model based on real-time monitoring data and forecast data combinationTo take the initiative to analyze and predict failure propose preventive maintenance recommendations.

to build agile response to tissue – digital transformation of the organization: the face of high resilience and innovation along with the uncertainty of the national oil and gas pipeline network of the company, “two barrels of oil,” oil and gas pipeline assets will be stripped . Such a new organizational structure will help promote the formation of upstream oil and gas resources multi-agent multi-channel supply, midstream gathering unified network efficient, fully competitive market downstream sales of “X + 1 + X” oil and gas market system, deepen the reform and oil and gas an important part of market-oriented reforms of the pipe network operation mechanism reform the energy sector. In addition, as to accelerate investment in infrastructure projects in the epidemic, the country is expected to increase market reform and further promote market-oriented and international integration infrastructure projects PPP mechanism. And after the outbreak, along with the digital process capital enterprise, how to create a more efficient and agile organization to adapt to market requirements and digital infrastructure companies will be a lot of problems that must be addressed. By building a shared vision for infrastructure projects have a full life cycle management, business specialization full authority autonomy, planning, construction and operations teams face the common challenges of new organizations to collaborative decision making and cooperative innovation, infrastructure, businesses can take to break the old single business unit-based organization shackles island, creating uncertainty in the global outlook and management decisions of high resilience to face internal and external, to enhance the adjustment capacity and emergency unified digital innovation efficiency of enterprises. We recommend that the new direction of the transformation of infrastructure organizations may include the following: formation and enabling digital innovation team, internal coordination of external resources, open up external innovation cooperation mechanism within; clear digital responsibilities, so clear division of labor; in the enterprise the formation of a culture of innovation, encourage trial and error, and explore the future of digital technology; establish and improve the digitization project assessment criteria and incentives, enabling rapid sharing and precipitation innovations.

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