Transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing sector need to guard against “rent is more profitable than production and operation”

Industrial entities is the root of economic and social development, a source of wealth and people’s livelihood. For a long time, industrial manufacturing industry entity on behalf of a local economic and social growth depend core strength and development. In Shanghai, “321” of the industrial structure is positioned so that the service sector has become the core strength of the economic development of the city, and since 1992, “Three, two” gap between the proportion of the industry has shown a trend of widening of Shanghai . Statistics show that in recent years, Shanghai tertiary industry accounted for the proportion of GDP will be showing a rising trend. Between the first quarter of 2019, the tertiary industry accounted for the proportion of GDP has more than 72%. At the same time, the proportion of secondary industry has gradually declined from 30.7% in 2017 to 27.4% in the first quarter of this year. In fact, for Shanghai, the proportion of tertiary industry continues to increase beneficial to enhance the overall level of the city, this is beyond reproach. But in this process , the financial and service as the core of the proportion of tertiary industry continued to improve , in the city of tackling high-end manufacturing industry is not yet mature before, inevitably a certain impact on the manufacturing sector. This impact is similar to the “efficiency hollowing out” real industrial problems encountered certain extent. “Efficiency hollow” mainly refers to business entities become “idle speculation” financing platform and “financial institutions”, easy to make in the suspension or semi-shutdown state “zombie companies” and “dormant company” continues to increase, thus affecting the entity the efficiency of the economy. Similar capital “evasive” phenomenon in today’s Shanghai suburb a few relatively low-end manufacturing campus, has begun horizon. During the interview, a Shanghai Qingpu Industrial Park, the head of a private enterprise for many years engaged in the machining industry to reporters about a reality: Today, labor-intensive manufacturing enterprises in Shanghai is facing a large-scale emigration, in addition to labor costs, outside the influence of EIA standards and other factors, many manufacturing companies are more eyes on the “economic books” Shanghai plant behind the park. “If after processing enterprises move out, the original industrial buildings for lease, earn $ 6 million a year rent, but hard to do in Shanghai Industrial only earn 10 million a year, if you are the boss, how would consider?” during the interview, the reporter met such a rhetorical question. In fact, the “books” are alsoIt is currently pushing a lot of land in Shanghai and plant manufacturing plant selection an important driver of gradual relocation. What is more , will directly choose to turn off the original manufacturer, transformed into the real economy from the landlord owners rely on this part of the physical plant to survive the early years she saved on rent, to suffer from production and business management. One can imagine that in this influence market sentiment, the future may also spawn like “principal tenant”, “three landlords” and other so-called intermediary service industry, service industry, but in fact this is not conducive to the real economy development of. But it needs to be pointed out that the situation on the ground Reporters learned point of view, the current Shanghai this trend and “efficiency hollowing out” is not the same theory, the current Shanghai this “to avoid the real to virtual” phenomenon seems to still remain in the The initial phase. It comes from, this “economic books” Not all business entities able to achieve, after all, the basis of the core elements of land and factories and so is its necessary condition, a certain threshold. But often this type of private enterprises also after the market test of time, its “avoid the real to the imaginary,” the motivation is not based on sufficient market support under, will not become strong. So how to avoid As more and more business owners form a “factory rent money more peace of mind” awareness? How to prevent future large number of entities manufacturing capital withdrawal, switch to the field of virtual economy caused by excessive financialization, probably the bigger and stronger service sector in Shanghai , tackling high-end manufacturing process We need to guard against the problem. It also shows from the side, from the point of view of long-term development of the city, at the same time vigorously develop the tertiary industry, secondary industry also need to be upgraded to support more restructuring efforts. This support for the real economy may not be reflected in lower costs for the tax aspects of corporate entities, also need to reflect on how to protect the real economy practitioners have courage of your convictions and confidence. This is especially true in the first-tier cities and industrial restructuring process in the new first-tier cities Control Engineering Copyright , may be even more important.

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