Under epidemic, manufacturing engineering with focus on stabilizing stable stable confidence

On joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council recently held a press conference, Deputy Minister of Industry and Information Technology Zhang Kejian said that SMEs in the manufacturing sector, driven by big business industry chain, the rapid increase in the rate of return to work. As of February 26, return to work rate reached 43.1%, compared with February 23 improved 6.2 percentage points. Our country is a big manufacturing country, manufacturing to accommodate a large number of jobs, a key stage in the current epidemic prevention and control and maintain manufacturing employment stability, and actively promote small and medium manufacturing enterprises to resume production and orderly return to work for the steady growth of great significance.
steadily resumed production complex manufacturing SMEs to return to work rate of the rapid increase “Although the service sector has become the new engine of job growth, but maintaining steady employment in manufacturing is still the key to stable employment.” State Council Development Research Center of Development Strategy and Regional Economy Research Fellow Yin Zhuo said. Recently, the China Enterprise Confederation Task Force set up by the findings of network data platform for China’s top 500 manufacturing companies resumed production complex situation shows that in the investigation period February 18 to 20, the Chinese top 500 manufacturing companies resumed production complex rate of 97.08%. Among them, state-owned enterprises resumed production complex overall situation is better than private enterprises. Labor-intensive industries and labor inputs province’s top 500 manufacturing companies an average return to work the complex lower yields. The new president of Weber Economic Research Teng Tai told the media that the current manufacturing industry to return to work faster than the service sector, the manufacturing sector is expected to continue in the first quarter of positive growth. However, compared to the central state-owned enterprises, small and medium private enterprises return to work is difficult, and more difficult, although manufacturing enterprises to resume production increased rapidly, but the staff is still in the complex post of “asymmetric” stage. Poor transport and logistics, employees return to work hard to return to the post, inadequate prevention materials, the industry chain downstream product delivery difficulties, financial chain pressure is a major problem faced by manufacturing enterprises to resume production of the resumption of work. Survey shows that despite the challenging, but a strong willingness to return to work across the manufacturing enterprise and initiative. Under the shadow of the epidemic, “Made in China” one of the largest production base – Dongguan actively return to work, the focus of the masses necessities guarantee super start rate of 100%. February 28, released in Dongguan City, “on the further optimization of government services to accelerate the implementation of measures to implement the benefits of enterprise policy” including a total of 15 policy support, in the last round “to help enterprises stay Enterprise 15” beginning to bear results, based on We made a total of 60 policy measures, first proposed 28, 18 and optimize existing policies, to further expand the service to optimize and accelerate business complex return to workProduction. Ministry data show that the national-scale industrial enterprises gradually increase the rate of return to work, which has more than 90% of Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Fujian, Liaoning, Guangdong, Jiangxi, more than 70%. But small and medium enterprises operating rate close to 30%. “Return to work is steady employment, the resumption of production was stable economy.” Economic Association Central Committee, deputy director of Zhejiang Federation of private investment company president Zhou German told reporters that an orderly return to work to promote the resumption of production is currently Efforts were epidemic prevention and control and the urgent task of economic work and social development, but also to minimize the impact of the epidemic an important focus. Use scientific means to get through the jamming point precision docking labor supply and demand under epidemic prevention and control, stable manufacturing employment, how to better protect small and medium manufacturing enterprises resumed production complex? In the short to deal with in terms of Control Engineering Copyright , Yin Zhuo recommended the return to work actively open up business flow, logistics, capital flow blocking point, the gradual recovery of market demand. Flow level, not only to speed up the return to work of labor intensity, but also improve job return to work efforts. To take advantage of Big Data technologies such as CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , to speed up the certification of the health workforce, to ensure that the epidemic in the controllable range, speed up the appointment as soon as possible after labor rework. Logistics level, there are now two issues, namely, transportation, by varying the epidemic severity of the impact, prevention and control of different levels all over, intercity there are still some points on the provincial traffic or blocking. Second, large-scale outbreak of the truck driver was the impact of rework, return to work difficult. To smooth logistics, the road to pass first, followed by the driver to get posts. Cash flow level, to open up the manufacturing enterprise funds “blocking point”, and effectively protect the adequate flow of finance for SMEs, boost business successfully resumed production complex. The level of demand, SMEs generally at the end of the industrial chain and value chain, once the final decline in demand for consumer goods, it is difficult for SMEs first emerged. To build the industrial chain collaboration platform for the resumption of work by government, industry associations, companies and other big data, effective docking of supply and demand both ends. Yin Zhuo said that the current central and local governments to address the problem have been put forward a number of policy initiatives to reduce the burden on small and medium enterprises, reduce costs, ease the pressure, but for businesses, more importantly, to restore normal production and operation as soon as possible to recover. ” “ability. Jiangsu manufacturing industry developed, there are 13 advanced manufacturing industry cluster, 27 chain Control Engineering Copyright , how stable manufacturing employment, not to return to work manufacturing companies left behind? Jiangsu Province Industry and Information Technology Department focused their attention on key prevention and control supplies chain, focusing on manufacturing industry cluster chain, industrial chain leading enterprises in key industries, open up “blocking point”, speedy response. Specifically, how to help small and medium manufacturing enterprises resumed production complex? Director of Policy and Regulation Department of Jiangsu Province Economic and Information Technology Commission original Liuyao Wu in an interview with this reporter said that the current supply and demand of labor to address both sides of asymmetric information as soon as possible, between labor and labor output and employment location to strengthen local government information communication and labor supply and demand docking, the use of online booking, pre-signed way, once the epidemic is, in time for duty. Liuyao Wu suggested that from national to local governments can approach credit guarantee CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , a portion of funds for enterprise employees to provide pre-signed wage subsidies. This is the immediate way, is the most tangible tricks. Term policy CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright for stabilization of manufacturing employment, Yin Zhuo also put forward three ideas. One is to rely on “smart +” transform and upgrade traditional manufacturing industry; the second is to rely on a complete industrial chain, improve manufacturing employment Midwest; the third is to rely on manufacturing production and education fuse to form human capital dividend.

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