Under the new consumption scene, home design and industry symbiosis

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Under the new consumption scene, good product design can trigger the user’s desire. From the commercial operation of the design company, to the consumption transformation of the design product, to the close symbiosis between the design and the industrial chain, it is enough to prove that the home design has gradually developed and is entering the next more mature stage, which also brings us a “Large and beautiful new era of home consumption.

From the commercialization of the design company to the combination of design and industry chain, home design began to enter a more mature stage of development.

Home Design Leverage Capital Operation

On October 12, Dong Yi Risheng announced that it had acquired Beijing Xinyi Oriental Interior Design Co., Ltd. for RMB 300 million. It has a 60% stake. “Xinyi East is the holding company of Qiu Deguang Design, which is designed by Qiu Deguang, the world’s leading Chinese design company, by Yi Risheng, the first shareholder of China’s national equipment industry. As Chen Yi, chairman of Dongyi Risheng, said, this will add to the high-end market share of Dongyi Risheng, which will have a positive effect on enhancing the overall profitability of Dongyi Risheng.

The reporter learned that Qiu Deguang’s design is well-known in the industry and its business is in good condition. Dongyi Risheng involves a high-end, elite and Internet home improvement product chain. It is foreseeable that the acquisition will be designed by Qiu Deguang in the short term. The high-level sector generates some fluctuations, and in the long run, it will bring more rich design content and product services to the huge middle-class consumer market.

In June of this year, Shenzhen Jayne designed to land in the capital market, which was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and became the first in the Chinese interior design A-share market. Jiang Feng, the founder and designer of 59.98% of the shares, proposed that the design itself is subordinate to the service industry, and its commercial nature is indispensable. For decades, interior design companies have struggled to grow in business competition. A big problem has arisen. Many design managers believe that design should not be too commercialized, or even ignore the opinions of users because they insist on their own ideas.

In May of this year, it was awarded a $20 million Series B financing by today’s capital. In the trillion market of home, this is a representative design home brand. It cooperates with nearly 100 domestic and foreign designers. Compared with traditional home brands, a significant difference is that “users participate in R&D, its core Users are the most powerful new middle-class families in the current consumer group. From the launch in 2015, it is expected to generate nearly 200 million yuan in revenue this year and reach breakeven.

The road to product design for life

Many of the domestic and foreign designers who work with the creation are top designers. Shu Wei, the founder of the creation, explained that “many people think that it is a design premium, but in fact the design link only accounts for 20% of the home research and development resources, and the price is very close to the people, bringing good design to the users. She cited the example of the new Yuanshan series products this year. “They are designed by the Swedish national treasure design combination CKR. If they buy their works from Europe, plus tariffs and postage costs 300,000 yuan, they can make two or three thousand yuan. Buy a set.

Yuan Xin, general manager of Qiu Deguang Design, recently said in an interview with other media that “design is not a product unique to designers. It should be a commodity, a mature product, and should be made more Many people touch and accept it, and only then can the ultimate powerful way to design productization. In the European and American markets, designers enter the general public’s view through copyright. China’s huge opportunity is a huge middle-class consumer market. Most designers should actively integrate into the larger industrial chain and design for life.

As a representative of the industry’s independent designers, the studio of the cutting-edge designer Zhou Wei has become the most representative independent product design studio. The Chinese designer, who won the Milan International Furniture Fair & ldquo; Special Design Award, was invited to return to Milan this year as the most representative young designer of the 21st century. He is also one of the few product designers who have signed contracts with many domestic first-line home brands such as HC28, Qumei, Ronglin, Van Gogh, ACF HOME, TIANDI, and ILPO.

Like Zhou Wei, Yuan Yuan, an independent designer with rich user experience, was the chief designer of Qumei and the chief designer of Ruichi before the founding of ROOY. Qumei, Weixi and other home furnishing companies provide product design. Lian Zhiming and Wang Hao created the product brand. After the product copyright was purchased by the Danish brand PO:, after the global distribution, not long ago, it signed a contract with the life utensils brand and designed its products.

Design and home industry chain are closely symbiotic

In the new consumer scene, good product design can trigger the user’s desire. Shu Wei has repeatedly stressed that home consumption is a long chain, heavy decision-making, low-frequency consumption, users need good-looking design, but also need good quality and experience. Therefore, compared with traditional household consumption, the main retailers rely on dealers at all levels, and the new retail-to-home sales terminals further demand online and offline collaboration. Even Alibaba has opened the first in Hangzhou. HOMETIMES Home Furnishing Shop, this storefront of smart shopping model, is the offline supplement to Tmall.

Facing the new era of consumer groups, demanding design, accustomed to using online tools, demanding convenience, and personalized needs, the home is the largest commercial brand in the field of home building materials circulation, from the line The creation of the platform to the offline design center has made many industry initiatives.

This year, after the official acquisition of the American design company Autodesk Homestyler, the real home created “ designer platform, the goal is to become the most powerful, most comprehensive, the best experience, online and offline fully integrated home intelligent service platform. Online, the home has created a top-level Oriental design center, Italian design center, etc., so that the good design of the East and West into the daily, guide the sales of home products to reach the user’s lifestyle.

Just recently, Chengwai DXD Beijing Design Interconnection Center officially opened, transforming from traditional home sales and sales to design center, and it has become a typical case of “design+”. DXD draws on the New York and Los Angeles International Design Center system, introduces brand showrooms, designer offices, media and design agencies, flash shops, etc., with a full range of design ecological content to match the increasingly high design of the consumer market. And aesthetic needs.

From the commercial operation of the design company, to the consumption transformation of the design product, to the close symbiosis between the design and the industrial chain, it is enough to prove that the home design has gradually developed and is entering the next more mature stage. It also brings us a “big and beautiful new era of home consumption.”

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