Unmanned Factory AI is not the ultimate goal, is the efficiency

“Although the Chinese economy gradually from manufacturing and capacity expansion drive transformation to a technology-driven, but many companies still think big data and artificial intelligence techniques very far away from them, real industrial Internet exploration companies are still a minority, but there will be more an increasing number of companies added to the ranks, starting from the core business of enterprises, efforts to solve the problem of pain points faced by enterprises. “recently, the China Europe international business School professor Xiaonian honorary life shares how his use of traditional manufacturing artificial Intelligence Thinking to improve efficiency. Big Data is born, and large data-premise recently, Xiaonian ran many companies, especially the Chinese traditional manufacturing industries. He found that the peak of the Internet consumption has passed, but that does not mean the Internet era coming to an end. “In the next wave of consumer Internet, the Internet industry, 2B Internet in the ascendant, the Internet evolved to become things.” He said that because the data generated a lot of things on the order higher than the consumer Internet, which makes artificial intelligence become a necessary technology, otherwise we can not handle massive data era of things. “Artificial intelligence is born for the big data , but also to big data as a precondition.” Xiaonian pointed out, “For many traditional businesses, it is imperative not immediate direct application of artificial intelligence, and things are digitized and capital construction. think to buy an AI technology, the acquisition of an AI team will be able to solve the problem of enterprise pain points, which is unrealistic. “in particular, he stressed, do not think digital, is the goal of artificial intelligence no factories, no factory is not our goal, efficiency is the final result. Big Data, artificial intelligence, data intelligence how to really energize the industry CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , changing the industry? George, senior vice president of Lenovo Group, said that from the beginning of 2016, Lenovo will be the smart data, the Internet industry, the concept of service extended to all industries, first select the auto industry. At a depot, the screw tightness of each vehicle is not consistent recognition by artificial intelligence, so as to enhance the quality of stability. “Although data intelligence is a difficult process, but once this transformation is complete, the company will be born inexhaustible source of strength.” The next step is the biggest challenge in artificial intelligence, machine, although the decision to accelerate enterprise digitalThe process is still in the exploratory stage, but this does not prevent the artificial intelligence permeate every aspect of our lives. Industry experts believe that in the wisdom of retail, medical and other fields intelligence, artificial intelligence has entered a more mature application mode. Artificial Intelligence How to help construction of smart city? Last month, “AI wisdom station” Guangzhou Metro Line No. 21 Tianhe wisdom City demonstration station was inaugurated. It is the first design and operational demonstration of the wisdom of the subway station based on the concept of global intelligence station. “Independent research and development, based on the wisdom of the subway large platform industry Internet subway fitted with ‘brain’.” National Academy of Engineering in Singapore, Jia was vice president and global president of Intelligent Technology Research Institute Li-hung said the wisdom subway large platform based on extensive use computer vision, biometrics and other technologies to enhance data-aware station CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , real-time monitoring of station operations. And all data can be transmitted in real time to the subway “brain”, intelligent analysis, the level of information to effectively enhance the station, reduce operating costs. Technology Chairman Liu Wei Jia was revealed, “city traffic brain”, after landing Hefei, Anhui, Xuancheng, this year in Shanghai, Guangzhou, layout, AI energized by urban transport to explore crack “big city disease.” However, many experts also admitted that artificial intelligence is also facing many challenges, such as how to better integrate ecological resources, how to better ground, these are the industry urgently needed to overcome the problem. “I will give you cold water splashed about.” Professor of Computer Science at University College London Wang Jun bluntly Control Engineering Copyright “Now and application of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence, the fact is not true sense, but the machine learning. we summed it up as pattern recognition, neural networks by referring to map large amounts of data to our knowledge in, for example, there are a lot of images, which is not to identify a particular person has a face. “” in fact, there are many other applications, not just pattern recognition, more importantly, by obtaining this knowledge, then the decision feedback to the machine to form a loop. Therefore, the direction of the next step is to let the artificial intelligence machines can make decisions copyright control Engineering All , to complete the knowledge from data, and then back to the whole cycle of data. “he believes that” the next biggest challenge is artificial intelligence machine decision-making, provide reinforcement learningVery good guidance method, but requires the help of neuroscience, brain science, in order to truly create a system of artificial intelligence. ”

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