US Robotics density is now more than twice that of China

Robot sales in the US hit a new high of nearly 380 million units. Currently Control Engineering Copyright , the robot density in the United States is China’s manufacturing sector more than doubled Control Engineering Copyright , ranking seventh in the world.
robot density in the US manufacturing sector reached 200 per million employees, and in China (2017) of 97 units. US domestic and global markets automated production trend is the main driver of US Robotics installation. General industrial sectors, especially in the catering industry (+ 64%) and plastic and chemical products industry (+ 30%) of the highest growth rates.
the automotive industry
The United States is second only to China in the world’s second largest auto market. In the US auto industry, parts suppliers accounted for number of robots installed 2/3, sales increased by 9% (2017-2018 years). But Control Engineering Copyright , car manufacturers (OEM) automation investments decreased by 26%. 2013 – 2018 Control Engineering Copyright , the US auto industry sales compound annual growth rate of the robot 7%. Robot sales peaked in 2016 (16311 units), 2017 (15,400 units) and 2018 (14,600 units) then declined robot sales fell from 16311 units in 2016 to a peak in 2018 of 14,600 units, down 5% from 2017 15400 2018 14600 Taiwan fell Taiwan. 2012–2017 years CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the robot density in the automotive industry grew by 52 percent, increased from 790 per thousand employees industrial robot 1200. 2017 China automobile industry robot density of 539. Electrical / Electronics Industry Electrical / Electronic industry is the second largest customer robot installation, the total supply of 18%. From 2013 to 2018, robots installed capacity growth of 15% per year on average. 2018 The number of robots installed industry growth of about 2% to nearly 6700 units.

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