VIAVI launched a new test solutions for network equipment manufacturers and laboratories, paving the way for next-generation 800G network

VIAVI Solutions, today announced the launch of a new range of solutions for testing the network for the future in today’s laboratories, production and manufacturing environment. With the introduction of these new products, VIAVI further strengthen its position as a comprehensive test and measurement industry portfolio of solutions providers. The new solutions and more products will be on display (Booth # 2814) OFC General Assembly in San Diego held March 3 to 7. Networks around the world is undergoing a revolutionary transformation –5G, IoT, Gigabit home and to the cloud. All these networks rely on optical fiber communications – from the edge when the bandwidth needs of each portion of the core network is an exponential growth stage, optical fiber communication is the only support for this technology. Today, our requirements for network performance unprecedented harsh, whether it is from the laboratory to the production environment, or throughout the entire network life cycle is critical for test equipment and networks. From basic optical connectors and components testing, leading to 100G / 400G / 800G transmission and next-generation protocol test, VIAVI for all stages of the production life cycle – from design and product validation to manufacturing test applications designed specifically optimized solution. The new solutions portfolio includes: * Meet the third generation of the industry-standard MAP-300 photon metrology and test automation platform. MAP-200 as an upgrade of, MAP-300 laboratory meet the desired accuracy and the manufacturing requirements for configurability. The new multi-user architecture by supporting customized user interface CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , can prioritize critical data Control Engineering Copyright , and can be connected through a direct IP sockets remote automation control Engineering Copyright , help enterprises to improve the utilization of funds, significantly reducing the cost of test. Meanwhile, MAP-300 is also fully backward compatible with the MAP-200 module to protect the current WSS, manufacturers and coherent line of 400GE systems existing investments. * For mOLM-C1 module MAP-200 desktop system. Release of the module is further expanded MAP solution composition insertion loss and return loss for the manufacturer of the optical connector. mOLM-C1 modules and PCT-rmDesigned suite of applications is to create a cost-effective, space-optimized solutions. mOLM-C1 module has a unique ability to simultaneously measure four wavelengths without reducing the size of Control Engineering Copyright , called one of the fastest on the market measuring system, is currently the only similar products solutions can share scripts and data between units. · Two new Optical Network Tester (ONT) product –ONT-800 host and 800G Flex module. To be regarded as the industry benchmark based on the ONT-600, ONT-800 may 800G / lambda and tested under the above conditions, to provide the required bandwidth required, the power and cooling. ONT-800 supports the research and development, production and manufacturing while SVT testing a variety of services also retains the previous generation ONT-600-class automation, application and reliability. 800G Flex module then has a broader test coverage Control Engineering Copyright , including PHY, PCS and the Ethernet layer, so that manufacturers have the advantage in the design and development of emerging technologies. ONT-800 series offers more port density match for all applications in the product development life cycle, and provides the industry’s first full-bandwidth 400G ODUflex to OTUC4 by FlexO or OTLC4. · FVAm series desktop microscope. Industry’s First MPO and applicable to other multi-fiber connector integrated desktop detect microscopic analysis. FVAm with unparalleled speed and reliability, fully automated every step of the inspection and testing process. FVAm multi-fiber connector can be completed within 20 seconds automated testing to ensure that each stage of the production plant in quality and performance can MPO cables and QSFP modules optimized. Tom Fawcett, vice president and chief VIAVI laboratory and production general manager, said: “Decades of innovation VIAVI river, we offer laboratory, production and manufacturing industry-leading suite of products dedicated today, with these new solutions. program, VIAVI by the breadth, depth, and light transmission at all stages of system development test combinations can provide strong support to help our customers and the industry to bring products to market faster. “Feel free to contact VIAVI, we’ll arrange OFDuring the General Assembly and C VIAVI expert meeting, or please visit booth number 2814, view the demonstration of a complete product portfolio.

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