Water purification agents to join the preparatory work

Water purification agents to join? Please choose aftermarket strength of the manufacturers. This is a true story, with the intention to join the water industry friends beware.

things like this, Mr Cheng Sichuan Deyang, in November 2014 to buy a certain brand of water purifiers. Buy a home installed, water purifiers use more than a month will be broken. Later, Cheng Contact Deyang brand water purifier agents, but agents will try to shift the problem to the water purifier manufacturers, called Cheng directly contact the manufacturer.

Thus, Cheng only contact the manufacturers. After Cheng dial telephone aftermarket manufacturers, to reflect their own situation to the manufacturers, the manufacturers immediately promised to immediately contact Deyang agents arrange the sale, Mr Cheng This assured that heart of stone he has finally landed. But Mr Cheng at home waiting for a few days, no one to contact him after sale.

Subsequently, Mr. Zheng began to contact Deyang agents, there are people talking over the phone before, now can get through, but not even speak of people are gone. Cheng heart began to worry, he felt vaguely water purifier sale would be a big problem. He then phoned the brand water purifier manufacturers, the answer is still “will immediately contact the dealer to arrange Deyang sale.” Since manufacturers will once again promised to do the processing. Mr Cheng did not say much.

waited a few days, still no one to contact him after sale. Now, Mr. Cheng fire. He quickly called to the factory, he asked: “You said contact over there gave me a sale, but there has not come yet, if you do not solve this thing, I’ll looking for the Consumers Association..” Manufacturers still give Mr Cheng The answer is “Deyang agent will contact immediately arrange sale.” After listening to Mr Cheng heart is about cold, he felt his home water purifier maintenance hopeless.

Mr Cheng told friends, their home water purifier has been broken five months, and has played 20 times phone, manufacturers and dealers are not solved. Especially manufacturers, there is no perfect after-sales service. Cheng feel taken advantage of, he decided to wait a few days he made no one to deal with water purification, he will go to the local Consumers Association complained that the brand Deyang agents.

for water purification agents to join friends, you see this story, it is what kind of mood? Anyway, I was very sad Cheng, what is wrong with him, why would suffer such treatment? thereforeTo join the water industry friends, you choose aftermarket manufacturers to be sure to choose the strength of the manufacturers. The only way to be worthy of consumers, worthy of their own conscience.

water purifier manufacturers are so many, cohabitation, not every manufacturer is like clear spring water purifiers top ten brands that pay attention to after-sales service. Therefore, water purification agents to join friends, you choose the manufacturers must sharpen the eye, to examine whether manufacturers have sales department, whether there is after-sales installation personnel, whether the emphasis on after-sales work, whether really put consumers first. You only have to join the agency to improve after-sales of the manufacturers, it will not be like Mr Cheng tragedy.

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