we call it the development period of machine vision

The third stage from 2002 to the present, we call it the development period of machine vision. From the following points we can see the rapid growth trend of Chinese machine vision:

1 In various industries, more and more customers are looking for visual inspection solutions. Machine vision can solve precise measurement problems and improve their product quality. Some customers even set up their own visual department.

2. More and more local companies are beginning to introduce machine vision into their business. Some are general industrial control products agents, some are automation system integrators, and some are new vision companies. Although most of them do not have sufficient returns, they all agree that the machine vision market has great potential. The lack of experienced visual engineers and practical project experience is the most important issue they face.

3. Some companies with years of practical experience have gradually positioned themselves to better develop the machine vision business. They may continue to improve their acquisition card, image software development capabilities, or attempt to become a leader in providing industrial field solutions or visual inspection equipment. Simple agents are still part of their business, but they have begun to develop their own technologies or know-how at the component and system level.

4. After several years of looking for agents, many multinational companies have begun to establish their own branches in China. Usually they set up their own branches in China in machine vision inspection systems manufacturers. to manage key customers and provide technical and business support to partners.

The current state of machine vision development

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