We have to look at the depth of Industrial robot integration path analysis!

Our robot market has entered a period of rapid growth, industrial robots for seven consecutive years to become the world’s largest application market, huge potential demand for service robots, advanced robot applications scenarios significantly expanded. In order to further promote China’s industrial robot depth integration, the proposed effective way to strengthen top-level design through the development of the robotics industry, corporate investment and financing channels to broaden the robot, enhance independent innovation capability robotics industries. According to the Chinese Institute of Electronics released “China Robot Industry Development Report 2019” (hereinafter “Report”) shows that in 2019 global robotics market is expected to reach $ 29.41 billion, China robot market size estimated at $ 8.68 billion.
At present, China’s robot industry is more rapid development momentum, the industrial scale and expanding market space, but there are still some gaps with the developed countries, in the field of core technology research and development, value chain division, personnel training, faced with bottleneck for further to promote the healthy and sustainable development of China’s robot industry, “the report” made seven recommendations. First, we continue to strengthen top-level design to the development of the robotics industry. To establish a correct concept of industrial robot development. Fully rely on aspects of government, industry, academia, research, gold, and other deep integration with the advantages, on the one hand, the problem of the current industrial development, “small, scattered, weak” should have a clear understanding and solving ideas, promote scientific development of China’s robot industry, the rational development ; on the other hand, grasp the evolution trend of global intelligence, joint international counterparts to jointly promote the development of intelligent robots. In particular, to strengthen the strategic guidance for the development of the robotics industry. Around the current development trend of industrial robots, timely introduction guide has to be targeted to support strategic planning, accelerate the formation of national and local coherent industrial policy system, and guide the healthy and orderly sustainable development of the robotics industry. The second is to broaden the effective corporate investment and financing channels robots. First, study the establishment of a national robotics industry leading fund. Give full play to leverage financial resources, speed up the establishment of a national industry leading fund to provide financial security to grasp the strategic opportunities of the global robotics industry. Industrial transformation and upgrading of product from the national level to strengthen the strategic guidance and overall planning for the development of the robotics industry, continue to strengthen the dominant position of enterprises, optimize capital allocation direction, boosting robotics. At the same time, to encourage local guide in the form of gold set up a special fund supporting policy based on local resource endowments and characteristics, and promote robotics companies and local governments, local parks mutualDynamic cooperation, focusing on the robot and its key parts and components industry and promote the use of jointly promote China’s robot industry by leaps and bounds on the right path.
Second, improve the efficiency of financial support for the robotics industry. Special funds to strengthen the industrial robot supervision, to ensure efficient use of financial resources and promote the norms. On the one hand, to increase financial support for efforts to link research and development of the robotics industry, focusing on business-critical technology and robotics to improve the core components of financial aid intensity of independent research and development projects, significantly increasing the level and pace of industrial development of intelligent robots; on the other hand, to strengthen supervision and follow-up assistance in the project review feedback work of organizations active dynamic assessment of the robot business development grants for the implementation of the use of special funds and the effect of policies, strict implementation of financial reporting robot industrial subsidy policy, review and field inspection. The third is to continue to enhance the capability of independent innovation robotics industry. To promote the core components and major iconic products first breakthrough. Around the market and industry development needs, strengthen robot key components and high-end products, technology and quality research, to enhance the innovation capability and core competitiveness of local enterprises autonomy. At the same time, actively play a leading role in supporting the national innovation center of the robot. Relying on national innovation center robot industry backbone enterprises play a leading role in supporting SMEs synergistic effect, the role of universities and research institutes security services technical support fundamental role, intermediary organizations, the formation of joint development, complementary advantages, sharing of results, risk-sharing research collaborative innovation mechanism, the smooth flow of scientific and technological achievements and technology transfer channels.
Fourth, actively build the robotics industry open resource sharing platform. Actively carry out international exchanges and cooperation and promote industrial robot development. Make full use of the coordinating role of the third party’s trade associations, institutes, industry alliances and other organizations, exchanges and cooperation to build more support, multi-channel, multi-level international exchanges and cooperation in technology, standards, products, people, capital and other [123 ] , actively promote innovation and industrial development of robot technology. In addition, efforts to promote the building of a national public service robot platform. Give full play to the role of the Internet in the integrated optimization allocation of production factors in the Internet and in-depth integration of the robotics industry, accelerate the formation of a robot as the main body, relying on the Internet to support public services, set policy research, production and integration work, fundedSource aggregation, talent intersection, standards development, business incubation, etc. as an integrated service system. Around robotics technologies and product promotion to carry out cross-border exchanges and promote the exchange of information within the industry and cross-border cooperation CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , cross-agency, cross-regional integration of resources and information sharing, comprehensive open up the innovation chain industrial chain, human chain and capital chain, promoting the sustainable development of benign industrial robots. Fifth orderly implementation of the robotics industry demonstration project. First, actively promote the use of robots in industry segments. Focus around the development of specialized applications and robotics area, according to local conditions the implementation of a number of outstanding results, driven by strong, high correlation of typical industry demonstration project, guide enterprises step by step, at different levels to carry out promotion and application of robots in industry segments. Give full play to the role of industrial development fund to attract social capital development of financial leasing services, use of outsourcing services, new leasing model to promote the special robot on site security, safety, rescue and other applications. Second, speed up industrial area of ​​the robot differentiated cluster development. Industrial robots combine different areas of the field and the development of basic characteristics, to guide robots enterprises relying on a strong local industrial base and development advantages, accelerate industrial agglomeration, enhance core competitiveness. Yangtze River Delta region full play to their full robotics industry chain integration advantages of agglomeration advantages and technological resources, and actively create an important national service robot industry innovation base; relying on specific areas of the Pearl River Delta manufacturing advantages and strong foundation appliances, machinery and equipment, automobiles, etc. industrial accumulation, carry out a comprehensive integrated application model industrial robot system; Beijing, Tianjin and Beijing’s active use of policy and personnel, focusing on the development of intelligent robot industry; northeastern region by means of leading enterprises and scientific research institutions strong core technology research and development base, the focus on key robot Key components to carry out research and development, promote the dual-arm robot, robotic surgery, a major landmark product first breakthrough; both with the local industrial base Midwest, excited to play external resources to promote the usefulness of this regional industry through the introduction of cultivation way, the development of special robots used in security monitoring, rescue and other professional scene. Sixth, the gradual improvement of the robotics industry standards and testing and certification system. First, speed up the establishment of a unified industry standard robot system. Fully mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprises to participate in the revision of standards, to encourage key enterprises inUnder the guidance of the National Standardization overall group of robots, accelerate research to develop the national standards, industry standards and industry standards bodies urgently needed to support the evaluation criteria of robotics research and verification
, build and improve the robot industry standard system. Strengthen coordination and consistency between standards Control Engineering Copyright , and product standard docking, standardize the market order, to avoid the good and the bad, low-quality inexpensive vicious competition. Next, the robot to improve testing and certification normative, consistency and reliability adopted. In the National Robotics detection and assessment center has been established on the basis of further improve the inspection and certification system robot construction, the establishment of enterprise and product credit file system and regulate the order of competition in the industry, accelerate our push into the institutional work robot testing and certification, standardization, improve our core competence in the field of robotics. Research to develop robots certification admissible system, the establishment of certification bodies, inspection and testing institutions, enterprises and products of credit files and “blacklist” system, and docking with the support of credit information sharing platform, unified publicly available relevant inspection, testing and certification results, social co collaborative governance and regulatory authorities. Seven is to accelerate the robotics field of highly skilled construction personnel training. Established in line with China’s actual robot development of multi-level and applied talents education and training system. Increase high-skilled personnel in the field of robotics education and training, and culture from system integration, installation and commissioning, operation and maintenance to the operation and management of multi-level, multi-type talents. Actively build a school-enterprise communication platform, key enterprises and encourage domestic and foreign institutions of higher learning, research institutions jointly established talent training mechanism, to explore the implementation of training model “school-enterprise cooperation, combining learning with working” to achieve a good butt personnel training and business needs, market demand for social and co-develop personnel training programs, and effectively applied talents a large number of high-quality, highly skilled robot business delivery. At the same time
CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , establishing the robotics industry tracking high-end talent evaluation system. Selected high-end talent for work performance, leading role, economic and social effects of scientific and rational, objective, open and fair assessment evaluation.

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