What are the precautions for the simple living room ceiling construction process?

Nowadays, most people are willing to adopt the simple living room ceiling in the decoration and design of the house. However, some people do not understand the distinctive features of the simple living room ceiling design. In addition, what are the precautions in the construction process of our simple living room ceiling? And their decoration ceiling form, and what skills we need to master, then let’s get to know each other.
First, which is the simple living room ceiling material

1.Gypsum board

Gypsum board has good sound insulation and fire resistance, is a common The ceiling ceiling material does not increase the weight of the wall during use, and can ensure the safety of the occupants. However, gypsum board is not suitable for use in an environment that is too humid, otherwise it is easy to absorb moisture in the air and deteriorate.

2. keel

The keel is an important material for fixing the living room ceiling structure, and it can be divided into wooden keel, steel keel, aluminum alloy keel and light according to its material. The four types of steel keels, friends can come to choose according to their own preferences, but generally everyone will choose to use light steel keel for installation.

3.Mineral wool board

Mineral cotton material has good high temperature resistance and decorative properties, even if it is used in a high temperature environment, it will not affect its The normal use effect, as well as the graffiti decoration on the material, increase the visual effect of the decoration.

4.Aluminum gusset ceilings

When installing ceilings, we usually use aluminum gusset ceilings. These materials are more traditional. The buckle method, the installation process is very convenient and fast, and is loved by many consumers.

Second, the advantages of the simple living room ceiling is

1, the simple style in the processing space is mostly emphasized that the interior space is spacious and has internal and external transparency in our space In the graphic design, the freedom to be restricted by the load-bearing wall is pursued.

2, wall and floor and ceiling and furniture furnishings, as well as lamps and utensils, etc. with a simple shape, pure texture and some fine craftsmanship is the biggest advantage of the simple style ceiling.

3. What are the precautions for the simple living room ceiling?

1.The style of the ceiling

When installing the ceiling in the living room, choose the whole house. The decoration style is consistent with the ceiling decoration, otherwise it will not only increase its aesthetics, but also easily conflict with other interior decorations, reducing the decoration effect of the living room, not worth the candle. If you really don’t know which decoration style to choose, you can find a ceiling company for consultation.

2.The number of layers of the ceiling

When installing the ceiling, pay attention to the height of the indoor wall, and design the ceiling according to the height of the wall. , it is not possible to install a ceiling in a large area, otherwise it is easy to create a sense of oppression of the space; if the height of the floor allows, the design of the multi-layer chandelier can be designed to achieve a better decorative effect.

3.Concealed works on the ceiling wall

When decorating the ceiling, pay attention to the air conditioning, lighting and audio wiring lines seen on the surface of the wall. Do a covert treatment to avoid affecting the aesthetics of the ceiling. Also pay attention to clean the surface, then the accumulated dirt will increase the difficulty of installing the ceiling.
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