What if the floor is arched and condensed?

1: Find the reason for the right medicine. Solve the summer floor arching

The floor arching is due to the expansion of the floor after damp. For the arching of the floor, the reason is probably that the floor is accidentally blistered, or the expansion joints are not reserved when paving.

First, the floor is soaked in moisture

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The main cause of arching is that the floor is covered by a large area of ​​blisters. The following storms do not close the windows, the rain washes in, the cups are splashed and not treated in time and immersed in the floor. After the floor is blistered, the floor volume increases, causing Arched, this problem is often caused by improper handling of people, and its responsibility should be the responsibility of the water leaking party.

Second, the wooden floor is laid too tight

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If the drying season is during the laying season, the gutters are too tight, and when the ambient humidity increases, the floor follows the environment. The humidity increases and the width is widened. The floor is tightly assembled and cannot be stretched. It can only expand upwards, causing arching. For this purpose, the responsibility should be the responsibility of the laying construction personnel.

Third, the floor moisture content is too low

In addition, there is a possibility that the moisture content of the wooden floor is too low, the wooden floor is too dry, once the deformation caused by the moisture absorption transition arch . For products from large manufacturers or well-known manufacturers, there are very few cases where the indicator is not up to standard. This responsibility should be the responsibility of the floor manufacturer.

Fourth, to solve the problem of family floor arching

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If the degree of arching of the floor is relatively small, then close the door and window, use the air conditioning dehumidification function, control the indoor humidity can be restored by itself. Then you can only find the manufacturer to adjust the expansion joint.

If the degree of arching is very serious, it is recommended that the master re-lay and re-adjust the expansion joint. Remove the skirting stone and replace the old floor. If the floor surface is damaged, it should be replaced with a new one.

V. Precautions for laying the floor to prevent arching

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First, choose a stable product before paving. The construction of the insulation layer against moisture, moisture and moisture during the paving must meet the laying requirements. When the floor is paved, reserve enough expansion joints. After the pavement is completed, don’t forget to strengthen the maintenance, ventilation and indoor relative humidity control of the wooden floor.

2: Find the reason for the right medicine to solve the summer floor discoloration

The discoloration of the wooden floor is actually a layer of protective film on the surface is oxidized, or caused by wear and tear in use, after discoloration What you see is the true color of the wooden floor.

First, due to loss of protective paint caused by discoloration

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The floor paint is affected by the external environment, and the floor gradually loses its luster. This is reflected more clearly in the bright floor. The bright floor can give a bright feeling when it is just laid, but it is used. After a period of time, the original luster may be lost. It is mainly caused by improper maintenance and incorrect cleaning methods.

Second, wood is discolored by photochromism

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The wood itself is discolored by the influence of the external environment such as sunlight and air. Experts explained that photochromism is an inherent property of wood, and it is a normal phenomenon that the floor gradually changes color during long-term use. If it is not exposed to strong sunlight, the degree of change is often not obvious.

Third, use a vacuum cleaner to remove paint and wear paint

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When cleaning the floor, use a damp cloth or mop as little as possible. It is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner to remove the floor dust to reduce the wear on the floor surface varnish. It can also keep the floor bright.

Four, wooden floor needs frequent maintenance

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To prevent discoloration of the wooden floor, don’t forget to maintain the floor. The maintenance method usually uses the essential oil or floor wax to maintain the floor. Play once in the first two or three years, at least once a year. In addition, in areas such as the living room balcony where the sun is directly exposed, it is more effective to take appropriate measures to cover the light.Protect the floor from discoloration.

3: Find the reason for the right medicine to solve the summer floor squeezing

In the winter when the floor has a shrinkage, the summer has not fully recovered. In this regard, the shrinkage of the floor should be dialectically, not necessarily because of the quality of the floor.

First, the floor shrinkage is a normal phenomenon

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According to national standards, floor coverings have different standards depending on the materials. It is normal for wood to be heated and cooled. If the seam is larger than the standard, it needs to be carefully checked.

1 For solid wood flooring and bamboo flooring, the paving seam should be less than 0.8 mm. Within one year warranty period, the joint seam must be within 2 mm.

2, for laminate flooring, paving seam Should be less than 0.2 mm. During the warranty period, the seam of the laminate floor should not exceed 0.35 mm.

3, for composite flooring, paving seam should be less than 0.4 mm. During the warranty period, the seam Can’t exceed 1 mm.

Second, dialectical analysis whether there is a squeezing oversize

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According to experts, the shirring is also dialectical. Take solid wood flooring as an example. In winter, the seam is larger than 2 mm. If it is still more than 2 mm in the summer, if it is within the warranty period, the manufacturer can repair it free of charge. However, if the seam is only 1 mm, although the owner may feel it, it does not exceed the standard.

Third, the floor shrinkage is recommended to re-layout

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According to national regulations, the general clearance exceeds the standard. During the warranty period, the merchant can repair it free of charge. If the seam is exceeded, it is recommended to re-lay it instead of replacing it, because the new floor may repeat the similar situation after replacement. After paving, it is better to have no gaps in the floor during the summer.

Fourth, good habits to avoid floor problems

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In addition, improper use of the floor can cause shirring. In daily life, the floor of the air conditioner should be avoided, otherwise the floor will be more likely to shrink.

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