When laying the floor heating, what aspects should you pay attention to when choosing the floor?

When laying the floor heating, what aspects should you pay attention to when choosing the floor?

Answer: 1. Excellent heat conduction and heat dissipation: wood and bamboo are good natural materials. The heat of the ground is transmitted to the surface through the floor, and there is bound to be heat loss. The ideal floor can minimize these losses. Therefore, in order to reduce the loss of thermal energy and reduce the heating operation and maintenance expenses, the floor heating floor must be ‘selected thin and not thick’. Choose from multi-layer solid wood, bamboo flooring and laminate flooring, with a thickness of no more than 12 mm and a maximum of 15 mm.

2, the material stability is better: the use of geothermal floor environment is complex, especially in the southwestern region, the non-heating season ground must withstand all kinds of moisture, and the floor temperature of heating should suddenly rise, the floor must Understand the double changes of ‘temperature’ and ‘humidity’. Therefore, the geothermal floor must be purchased with good material stability, such as laminate flooring, multi-layer solid wood flooring, bamboo flooring and other integrated composite flooring.

3, moisture and heat resistance: strong integration of composite floor to use adhesive, adhesives need to meet environmental protection, bonding strength, high temperature and high humidity aging these three indicators. Especially for geothermal flooring, it is necessary to pass the tests of high humidity resistance and low temperature resistance. If ordinary adhesives are used, environmental indicators, moisture resistance, aging resistance and expansion ratio cannot meet the standard. Therefore, when consumers purchase, it is very necessary to check the product report and inspection report of the merchant.

4, wear resistance should be durable: because the geothermal floor should be thin and not thick, so the composite surface layer is generally 0.3-0.6 mm. At present, the proportion of customers who require heating is large, and most floor brands have special floor-to-heat floor.

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