Where is the plight of the domestic development of industrial robot systems integrators in?

From the perspective of industry chain, the robot body is the basis for the development of the robotics industry, while the downstream system integration is a robot commercialized, mass adoption of the key. Body products due to high technical barrier CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , there is a certain monopoly , relatively strong bargaining power, a higher gross margin. The relatively low barriers to system integration, upstream and downstream bargaining power is weak, gross margin is not high, but the market size is much larger than the bulk market. At present, domestic enterprises are mostly robot system integrators. According to international experience, domestic robotics industry closer to the American model, that is the main system integration, product unit purchased or OEM, providing customers with turnkey projects. Low basal China robot market, big market. Chinese industrial robot mode more feasible is the use of integrated division of labor model from start to maturity stage.
stage of industrial robot systems integration has the following characteristics: You can not bulk copy systems integration projects are not standardized, each project is different, not to mention 100% copy, 50% are more difficult, and therefore more difficult to scale. On the scale can usually be copied, such as developing a product, then stereotypes rarely change, each models are the same Control Engineering Copyright , you can copy a lot through the production and sale of on the scale. And because of the need Loaning, integrators typically consider simultaneously the number and scale of projects. To be familiar with relevant industry integration process because the robot is a secondary product development, need to be familiar with the process of the downstream industry, to complete the re-programming, deployment and so on. Domestic system integrators, if the focus on a particular area Control Engineering Copyright , you can usually get a higher trade barriers, to survive no problem. But also due to trade barriers, difficult to achieve cross-industry business development, through mergers and acquisitions is not feasible, and therefore difficult to expand the scale. Robot system integrators would have on small, at least at this stage is not large-scale domestic integrators. Core competencies professionals need systems integrators talent Control Engineering Copyright , which is the most central of the sales staff, project engineers and on-site installation and commissioning, sales staff in charge to take orders, according to Project Engineer Order requirements for program design,Installation and commissioning personnel to the customer site for installation and commissioning, and ultimately delivered to customers. Almost every project is non-standard, you can not simply copy the amount. System integrators actual orders are asset-light model engineering services, core assets sales staff, project engineers and installation personnel, therefore, system integrators difficult to expand the scale through mergers and acquisitions of ways. Payment system integration required to advance funds usually a “361” or way of “3331”, that after examination by drawing get 30% after delivery to get 30%, 30% get the installation is completed, the last remaining 10% retention money. According to such a payment process, system integrators typically require underwritten. In general integrators financial pressure will not be much, but if several projects at the same time, or a single item amount is too large, the financial pressure will exist, after all, a lot of business is outsourcing integrators, vendors need to pay the purchase price, there is purchased parts requiring cash on delivery.
In short, the declining hardware prices, profits are increasingly thin, relying on a project to drive hardware sales model has become the past, but on the basis of applications, such as handling, stacking, sorting and other barriers to entry getting lower and lower, competition is more intense. And on the downstream weak bargaining power, gross margin is not high, but the market size is much larger than the bulk market. Industrial robot industry is a set of system integration, advanced manufacturing and precision supporting the integration of one of the industry, is a required technology, manufacturing, research and development experience in the industry precipitation. From the development of China’s machinery industry chain point of view, due to the impact of core technology limitations and other factors, China’s industrial robot industry is a major breakthrough for the field of system integration.

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