Which brand of thermal insulation curtain is good How to choose thermal insulation curtain

Insulation curtains can play a role in heat insulation in summer and warm in winter. . This kind of heat insulation curtain adopts the digital segmentation technology of special heat insulation material, which utilizes the weaving and warp knitting perfect weaving technology and the finished curtain processing technology to make the summer heat insulation and winter heat preservation technology to the extreme. Next, we will introduce you to insulation curtains which brand is good and how to buy insulation curtains.

Which brand of hot curtains is good


Malek was founded in 1982, Molyk as a thermal insulation curtain ten One of the big brands, after years of development, has become a decorative cloth enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and sales. The insulated curtains produced also have a unique style.

2, Bujuyige

Buju Yige was founded in 1995. It is a chain company with an early start in China, and its marketing ability continues to rank among the best in the domestic industry. The brand has very The big advantage, but also the brand of thermal insulation curtains that have been favored by consumers all the time.

3, Vosges

Vosday is a first-line brand, and Vosges insulation curtains have national-level technical centers and national-level laboratories, which occupy a clear technical competitive advantage in the industry and are relatively well-known in China. A brand.

How to choose insulated curtains

1. When buying insulated curtains, be sure to choose heat insulation and good shading effect. This will not only meet the shading requirements of daily life, but also not affect the rest.

2, see the material of the heat insulation curtain, the general insulation curtain The material is polyester, mainly because the polyester has good shading and heat insulation effect, and is non-toxic and tasteless. Therefore, when purchasing insulated curtains, it is best to choose polyester material.

3, look at the details of the insulation curtain, first look at how the connection, if there is extra thread at the junction or obvious stitching marks , then the quality of this insulation curtain is not very good, buy carefully. In addition, the place to pay attention to is the softness of the heat-insulating curtains, comfortable and soft.Hot curtains generally have better quality.

Edit summary: About Insulation Curtains Which brand is good and how to buy Insulation Curtains is introduced here, I hope to help everyone. Want to know more relevant knowledge can pay attention to Qijiawang information.

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