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The carpet will also be in our home Yes, so many people still pay more attention. This way our residence will be more comfortable. But when choosing, everyone also chooses the material for us. This can also be taken care of when using it. Let’s take a look at the following renovation >Home Furnishing CarpetWhich materials are good? Let everyone come better Choose our material.

One, which materials are good for home improvement carpets

1, special cheap plastic carpet, plastic carpet with plasticizer. The feeling of use is also very comfortable. A variety of auxiliary materials such as polyvinyl chloride resin and plastic carpet have the characteristics of bright color, non-flammable, not afraid of wetness and anti-slip. Because plastic carpets are water resistant, they can also be used for anti-slip effects in bathrooms.

2, chemical fiber carpet is also very popular. Chemical fiber carpet materials, also known as synthetic fiber carpets, are also a good choice for environmentally friendly homes. For example, there are polypropylene chemical fiber carpets, polypropylene chemical fiber carpets, nylon carpets, and the like. The chemical fiber carpet material is made of a synthetic layer of fibers by tufting or weaving, and then stitched to the bottom of the linen. Suitable for floor decoration of general buildings.

3, acrylic carpet is also the first choice for living, in peacetime The more common kind of life is also a good choice for our home. The acrylic fiber is a synthetic fiber made of a polyacrylonitrile or an acrylonitrile copolymer having an acrylonitrile content of more than 85% by mass. Acrylic fiber is known as artificial wool. It is not easy to dye and has a bright color. It is also very suitable for use as a carpet material.

Second, how to choose a comfortable carpet

1. When we choose to see our appearance quality, the shape is the detection method that should be ranked first. Some of us pay attention to it. The specific method is also very simple, that is, to carefully check its surface On the one hand, check the flatness, on the other hand, check the color for inconsistent chromatic aberration. Avoid the subsequent sticky and greasy phenomenon.

2, we have to consider the carpet density of the carpet, it can help to achieve a certain sound insulation and anti-slip effect, we have Note that the density of the pile is the key factor affecting these two points. Not only is it very resistant to abrasion, so it is recommended that you try to buy a tightly woven carpet with your hands.

3, and our color fastness . One method that is most easily overlooked by many people, we have some understanding. Frequently, the owner complained to the merchant that the carpet was bought and used for a while and then faded heavily. floorAll are dyed. Then you can basically judge the quality of the product is poor, it is best not to buy.

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