Winning well-off and to push the development of China’s industrial quality

Industrial stability, the economy stable. Economic stability, into the well-off. 2020 National Industry and Information Technology Work Conference December 23 in Beijing. Industry as a ballast stone of our economy, the importance of this conference is self-evident in the moment. Xi Jinping meeting new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics as guidance, thoroughly implement in the 19th Japan-ninth two party, the spirit of the Third and Fourth Plenum, seriously implement the Central Economic Work Conference deployment, summed up 2019 China’s industrial and communications industry hard-won achievements, in-depth analysis of the complex situation facing the industry, the full deployment of 2020 industrial and communications industry work for us strengthen confidence, build consensus, and promote China’s industrial and communications industry stable and healthy development, building a moderately prosperous society and to ensure “thirteen five” plan successful ending of great significance. This year, the world economy and trade growth continued to slow, increasing geopolitical uncertainties, superimposed affect Sino-US trade friction, China’s industrial development and domestic and international environment has become more complex, increasing uncertainties and destabilizing factors, the downstream industry pressures. Face many challenges, the country’s public letter to the field of cadres and workers to conscientiously implement the Party Central Committee and State Council decision to deploy, deepening the implementation of the “consolidate, enhance, improve and smooth,” eight-character principle, focus on doing the “six stable”, and accelerating the manufacture of power and network power construction, 2019 – more than November, the national scale industrial added value increased by 5.6%, in line with full-year growth forecast, information and communication industry running smoothly, there is a carry for the Chinese economy steady, steady for the better has made unremitting efforts . 2020 was fully completed in well-off society and “Thirteen Five” plan to wrap up, a hundred years to achieve the first goal, to lay the foundation for the “Fourteen five” development and implementation of the second century of goals, both winning period, and also a crucial period. MIIT good work is very important. To adhere to progress while maintaining stability overall tone of the work, insisted that the new concept of development, adhere to the supply-side structural reforms as the main line CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , adhere to reform and opening up as the driving force, continue to promote the development of China’s industrial quality to ensure stable and healthy development of industry and communications industry control Engineering Copyright , to ensure the completion of a comprehensive well-off society and “thirteen five” plan successful ending. China MIIT people and glorious mission, responsibility. Socialism with Chinese characteristics into a new era, China’s economic development has entered a new era,The basic feature is the shift from the phase of rapid growth of high-quality stage of development. China’s industrial development to promote high quality, is a necessary requirement to maintain the sustained and healthy economic development, is the inevitable requirement of building a moderately prosperous society, building a modern socialist country. New era of Chinese industry, we must unswervingly implement the innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing a new concept of development, follow the laws of economic development, earnestly implement the policy, provide a strong material foundation for sustainable development and for building a well-off society power. Promote the development of China’s industrial quality, it must better promote innovation-driven strategy. Innovation is the soul of Chinese industrial development, is an inexhaustible motive force transformation and upgrading. Innovation must be placed in the overall development of China’s industrial heart. With the emerging technology of artificial intelligence, big data, 5G communications and widespread penetration of a new round of industrial revolution in the ascendant. To adhere to the demand-oriented, problem-oriented , the focus key core technology research and transfer of achievements transformation, promote technological innovation, industrial innovation, enterprise innovation, market innovation, product innovation, business innovation, management innovation accelerate the formation of the economic system and mode of development and innovation as the main lead and support, to achieve a fundamental change in China’s industrial drive from factor-driven to innovation. Promote the development of China’s industrial quality, we must strengthen the infrastructure construction industry. China’s large but not strong manufacturing industry, high dependence on foreign technology, on the whole is still in the low-end of the global industrial chain and value chain. The key base material, the core foundation of spare parts, components, advanced technology and other basic industrial base capacity remains weak, the key core technology kinds of situation has not fundamentally changed. To improve the national laboratory system as the starting point, the overall integration of all forces, the formation of a national strategy and technological strength. For high investment risk, long cycle, major basic research in the field of low return, preferential policies to increase efforts to play our institutional strengths and concentrate on collaborative research. Promote high-quality Chinese industrial development, we must accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Traditional industries accounted for above-scale industrial added value of 80%, it is the main body of the industrial economy, transform and upgrade traditional industries related to manufacturing high quality promote the overall development. Like many emerging industries of strategic new energy vehicles, new materials, we come from the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. The textile, clothing, household appliances and other traditional industries is related to people’s livelihood, employment is steady, stable foreign trade an important industry, but also an important source of new momentum cultivation. We must adhere to the newFoster the development of emerging industries and traditional industries to upgrade both, to transform and upgrade traditional industries as an important support to promote the development of high-quality manufacturing, firmly grasp in his hand. China’s industrial development to promote high-quality, micro Strengthening the body vitality. Enterprise is the market economy basal cell , the industrial enterprises Xing Xing, must fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all types of enterprises. To increase efforts to promote mixed state-owned enterprises reform, state-owned enterprises optimize the ownership structure, further, stronger bigger state-owned enterprises; institutional mechanisms to get rid of all kinds of hidden obstacles to private enterprises, enterprises of various ownership to ensure equal access to factors of production according to the law, open and fair fair competition in the market; we should vigorously promote the spirit of entrepreneurship and craftsmen to encourage and mobilize the broad masses officer venture entrepreneurs enthusiasm, initiative and creativity; to further implement the policy of tax cuts reduce costs, and reduce electricity, gas, logistics cost, orderly way “zombie companies’ disposal. Promote high-quality Chinese industrial development, we must strive to create a good environment for development. Good market environment is a necessary condition for the development of enterprises. To further promote the discharge tube dress reform, create a stable and transparent and predictable rule of law and international business environment, and strive to build a “pro” “clear” a new government-business relations; to improve the protection of property rights system, continued to consolidate confidence, stabilizing expectations, and enhance market dynamism and willingness to invest in the main body of entrepreneurship and innovation, so that entrepreneurs can operate at ease, rest assured investment; full implementation of the negative list system of market access, the market players “no legal prohibition to as” the full implementation of fair competition censorship, clean up repeal various provisions and practices that hamper the single market and fair competition. China’s economy steady for the better, long-term underlying trend has not changed for the better. A significant advantage of the strong leadership of the Party and the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, and the advantages of ultra-large-scale market potential of domestic demand, is our source of strength and confidence lies. As long as people work together – all public letter, forge ahead, unswervingly implement the new concept of development, bearing in mind the general secretary Xi Jinping “boost the manufacturing sector must take” earnest warned, we will be able to overcome all kinds of risks and challenges on the road ahead, Chinese industry will be able to achieve high-quality development , completion of a comprehensive well-off society will be able to come to fruition. Winning well-off, standing proudly in the wind industry China, moving steadily, putting the word stable, steady for good.

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