Xin Connaught Smart Connected Lighting Power assisted Pilkington Group to create the wisdom warehouse

The global lighting leader Xin Connaught recently announced CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , has been located in Gelsenkirchen, Germany installed a new warehouse Interact Industry intelligent lighting system is interconnected Pilkington Automotive Glass. The Designed for warehouse and workshop design, marking Xin Connaught officially enter the field of industrial system of things based on the new large-scale cloud computing.
is part of the NSG Group, Pilkington is one of the world’s largest supplier of automotive glass. Its new central warehouse in Europe in line with the latest design standards and warehouse storage systems, fit the future direction of Pilkington business. “Our new warehouse will be built in the glass manufacturing industry to set up a new warehouse lighting standards .Interact Industry Smart Connected Lighting System can not only provide lighting, the more we have provided all relevant operational data to help us make more informed decisions.” Marcel Devereaux NSG Group’s energy business manager.
Interact Industry intelligent lighting systems interconnected embedded intelligent sensor data may Pilkington Automotive Glass collection Control Engineering Copyright , help the warehouse and continuous process improvement arrangements. For example, by using a different time space analysis of the situation, to enhance the efficiency of warehouse picking. The system can also improve the energy efficiency of the warehouse, to enable them to conduct business more sustainable. Devereaux said: “Compared with conventional warehouse lighting, installed new intelligent warehouse lighting system interconnection can be adjusted according to actual usage of illumination, and to reduce energy consumption by up to 50% of the natural light collecting and saving mode feedback sensor that is. by far the greatest degree of LED lighting can achieve energy savings will help Pilkington automotive glass reducing 290 tons of carbon emissions per year. “Interact Industry intelligent lighting system interconnection cost-effective and easy operation, the central lighting control system becomes more accessible. Smart + Connected lighting system for data mining, industrial enterprises to help create a more secure and efficient warehouse and factory environment, mobilize the enthusiasm of employees and reduce energy consumption. “Xin Connaught has a long history in the field of industrial lighting, along with Interact Industry Smart Connected Lighting SystemLaunch, we took a big step forward. “Global Industry Director Xin Connaught Ton van de Wiel expressed Control Engineering Copyright ,” more and more industrial enterprises started to improve operational processes through data analysis, the system can also be based on data provided to the customer service, delivering value beyond the seen, thereby creating a safer working environment, improve plant efficiency and reduce energy consumption. “Advantage
Smart + Connected lighting to improve safety and productivity – reliable lighting to ensure a safe working environment, reduce accidents, and to achieve continuous operation .Interact Industry intelligent lighting systems interconnected by reducing unscheduled maintenance of the warehouse managers can prevent accidents, reduce post-processing by real-time fault monitoring, labeled before a potential failure, failure maximally suppressed. preventive maintenance is expected to save companies 12% to 18% [1] of the cost. optimize space usage –Interact Industry intelligent lighting system provides interconnection to monitor their employees with insight into operations to improve productivity. equipped with intelligent lighting systems interconnected motion sensors can be displayed in different areas of the use of space for different time periods. warehouse managers can this focus on the analysis to verify inventory policy control Engineering Copyright , select the appropriate time to optimize operations, improve order picking efficiency and reduce energy consumption efficiency of warehouse operations – smart Connected lighting in Interact Industry With the help of the system, the manager can monitor and optimize the overall energy consumption of the warehouse lighting settings. Sensor can trigger the use of natural lighting or lighting correctly according to the actual light conditions. This system also allows the rational planning company lighting schedule CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the use of different activities in different lighting modes, in a timely manner to reduce lighting levels. the move will help both companies meet regulatory needs and goals of sustainable development. Interact Industry smart Connected lighting systems for customers build intelligent warehouse, and made full preparations for future technology upgrades. For more Interact Industry intelligent lighting system, or information on the Internet in collaboration with Pilkington Group, please click hereAt Download the case study (PDF) and watch video (in English).

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