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Over the past year, ever-changing, increasingly complex in the living environment, how to keep pace with times , a global perspective clearer insight into industry structure, to grasp the direction of the market and technological innovation, has become compulsory diligent people in the industry ahead. Technology-driven, innovation-driven development of industry “CHINAPLAS 2019 Chinaplas” effort to build a high-tech publishing and international communication platform. The exhibition not only gathered more than 3,500 exhibitors bring leading solutions for the rubber and plastics industry, the organizers more insight into the needs of the industry, during the pre-show and exhibition ingenuity to create a series of fantastic events over the same period.
“CHINAPLAS 2019 Chinaplas” joint “CPRJ China Plastic & Rubber” magazine Control Engineering Copyright , held “plastics recycling and Circular Economy Forum and Exhibition.”
“We see CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , not only set up at the show exhibitors and visitors between supply and demand docking, and actively, openly share innovations, talk about hot topics, discuss industry trends and opportunities . “Ms. Liang Yaqi, general manager of the exhibition organizer, Adsale exhibition services Ltd said.” in addition to the exhibition together the world’s leading exhibitors, displaying innovative products and cutting-edge solutions, but also organize several covers of circular economy, industry 4.0, industrial design, Concurrent events medical plastics and other hot words to richer content, more diverse forms, more open mind, more landing program, to explore in the new situation, how cooperation between the upstream and downstream enterprises to break through the plight of growth, together enabling the development of rubber industry. “” plastics recycling and Circular economy Forum and exhibition “for the first time on stage” waste ban order “,” plastic ban order “have been proposed, as well as to promote the development of renewable resources, industrial policy frequently landing, sounded ChongFengHao sustainable development and environmental protection. In the new era of recycling economy, China attaches great importance to the development of renewable resources industry, recycling technology is also innovative, industry showed vigorous trend. 2019, how to promote the business trend in the world of resource conservation, the role of plastics to sustainable development which, focusing on the focus of attention of industry professionals, “CHINAPLAS 2019 Chinaplas” joint “CPRJ China Plastic & Rubber” magazine Control Engineering Copyright , on May 20, 2019 (ie the day before the opening of the exhibition), held “plastics recycling and Circular Economy Forum and Exhibition” in Guangzhou.
CHINAPLAS exhibition site associated with the recovery zone.
activities “would,” “Exhibition” mode of combining a comprehensive picture. The one-day exclusive Forum and Exhibition will be inviting domestic and foreign share of more than 20 expert reports, it is expected to attract more than 300 industry elite to participate. Activities around the “Materials Science and Sustainable Development, plastic recycling technology, environmental protection, plastic packaging,” the three themes, topics and show covers recycled plastics in the production and application of current, new plastic recycling technology and processing technology, environmentally friendly materials and additives, recycling production waste and scrap in order to save material costs, recyclers and recycling users (including retailers and brands) share for packaging, electrical and automotive industries such as environmental solutions and practical success stories, plastics recycling initiatives and cross-border cases and so on. Really listen to really see the true feelings, through to the “factory of the future industrial 4.0” experience storm sweeping through the world of Industry 4.0 further advance the implementation of the process of how to speed up the floor? Want to see for yourself how the future of manufacturing plant operations? How to combine their businesses to solve practical problems encountered? Insiders harbor these doubts, may wish to be held during the exhibition “Industry 4.0 Factory of the Future” to see, up close touch industrial heat 4.0. continuation of the global industry hot topics 4.0, CHINAPLAS 2019 Coming Soon “factory of the future industry 4.0.”
1) Industry 4.0 Factory of the Future
2) Industry 4.0 Factory of the Future
jointly organized by the exhibition organizers in the field of industrial backbone of 4.0 – iPlast 4.0 Homo sapiens wisdom made innovation Center, European plastics and rubber Machinery manufacturers Association (EUROMAP), the German Association of Machinery manufacturers equipment (VDMA) heavy build. Unlike previous conference mode for the immediate audience a taste of “Industry 4.0 Future Factory” is true, the event will set up two themed areas on the show floor show floor intelligent solution: “Homo sapiens Chi-made master control room” and ” wisdom factory. ” Hall A, located on the second floor of the hall outside the floating station “Homo sapiens Chi-made master control room,” Hall 4.2, will be broadcast on the big screen mode, the demo machine exhibition siteTaiwan and wisdom at a remote site data Record plant operations; and set in a smart area 4.2D01 booth equipped “smart factory”, the analog future of manufacturing production environment, few people in the mode of production, and engineering personnel total how to control room will use the data to communicate. Viewers can glimpse in the field include “shift handover,” “multiple KPI monitoring production site”, “material traceability” and other 15 games covering production, supply chain management and analysis of simulation scenarios. In addition, companies can also be diagnosed by the online version of the 4.0 injection, the operator can engineer assessment by injection version 4.0 online application , a real understanding of their 4.0 process industry 4.0 and digital technology has brought the practical benefits control Engineering Copyright , and can get “interrogation pulse resolve the pain points” personalized advisory services in the field. The portrait has been determined to join the giants include: Engel, Zhafir, live weight, Piovan, Matsui, TIG, Monitor and so on. “Design innovation x” and then upgrade, a continuation of the previous line-up continues to grow hot, “CHINAPLAS 2019 Chinaplas” hand in Guangdong Industrial Design Association held “x design innovation.” Organized by the three main themes composed: “CMF inspiration Library”, “Design Forum” and “CHINAPLAS Designers Night.” “x design innovation,” the international situation will, and then expand the lineup upgrade, build stirring creative thinking wisdom feast.
1) “Design innovation x”
2) “Design innovation x”
“the CMF inspiration library” closely C-Color color, M-Material material, F -Finish surface treatment process three themes, to show to the audience plastics technology CMF design rich resources available. At the last event, the source Hui Technology Co., Ltd. show surface decoration to impress the audience, attracted by its rich colors, carefully observe and touch the audience to feel the pressure more than 140 coated decorative techniques DOD product samples. The event sponsors in addition to the previous record Korth became involved, the source brightness, as well as to participate in the first year of PolyOne, showing increased from two locations increased to three. “Design Forum” will open three games, including two highly anticipated continuation of last year’s theme of “CMF design” and the otherIt is the focus of the exhibition is a response to the “green technology” and new theme – “recycling or environmentally sustainable design,” open the wisdom stirring feast of creative thinking. Launched a new highlight – “CHINAPLAS Designers Night” around the “o create joint unbounded” theme, inviting electronics and related industries from product designers, engineers, product developers, business decision makers, exhibitors, partners, etc. , gathered in Guangzhou Nanfeng Langham, collision inspiration in food and wine and relaxed atmosphere, inspire infinite possibilities of product design. “Technology platform” master contest of strength, in-depth interpretation of the application of science and technology has been held for three repertoire – “technology platform”, will be held on May 21-23. It is reported that this “technology platform” issue more in-depth industry and highlight the practical applications, high-end properties. Activities not only focus on the exposure of exhibitors and the industry’s elite companies of major scientific and technological breakthroughs, but also for professional buyers quickly understand the industry dynamics of the platform. “technology platform” to form an open forum brings together the essence of the show, showcasing the latest year, the hottest technology products.
1) “technology platform”
2) “technology platform”
in the form of an open forum event will bring together the essence of the highlights of the exhibition, to show annual rubber and plastics industry the latest and hottest technology products, more clearly focused on cutting-edge plastic technology in the automotive, electronics, construction, packaging and other industries application solutions. Amplification unit and also relating to refinement, relating to the introduction of a large unit 11, comprising: a new energy vehicles, automotive thermoplastic elastomer, 3D printing, bioplastics, composites, antimicrobial solutions, in-mold labeling, precision extrusion molding, green building solution, wearable electronic plastic, long fiber injection molding. “Medical Plastics sink” embrace the field of high-end medical plastics market continues to maintain high growth, more and more exhibitors to join the great potential and high-value medical field. “CHINAPLAS Chinaplas” ace activity – “Medical Plastics sink” in the past four years to actively promote medical-grade chemical raw materials and equipment, medical equipment, supplies and pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers to create efficient communication platform, flourishing exhibits, highlighting the number of exhibitors the unique medical plastics technology to potential buyers, so that it exhibited more efficiently than their peers. “of medical plastic sink” by the “Open Forum”, “Products”, “Medical Plastic Guide, “” tour guide group “of four major components, will add high-end market of 3D printing technology and medicine packaging or display to share.
1)” medical plastic sinks “
2)” medical plastic sink “
” of medical plastic sink “by the” open Forum “,” products “,” medical plastics Guide, “” guided tours “of four major components. activities will increase 3D print technology and high-end market share in the field of medicine packaging or display. held for the open Forum has earned a reputation, the industry reflects better year by year, after painstaking research needs of the market, the organizers for the “2019 medical plastic open Forum” to prepare more hot technology issues, including: masterbatch medical grade, biocompatible material, a material resistant to sterilization, automated packaging equipment, precision injection molding, sterilization packaging technology, 3D printing, medical bags, ultrasonic welding, hot and cold runners etc. more than 70 technical seminars in addition to the show not to be missed with a series of fantastic events over the same period, there are more than 70 technical seminars staged colorful organizers also specially held many more applications to extend Industry exchange activities to help the industry decoding the current market and industry to grasp the situation, these activities include: “2019 lithium battery technology exchange”, “2019 optical film technology exchange”, “Under the new consumer trends, innovation and development of packaging materials.” “plastic flexible packaging technology exchange”, “automobile and rail transportation lightweight materials and application technology seminar”, “automobile and rail low VOCs materials technology and application seminar”, “2019 the second session of the wisdom of the supply chain summit” “biological 3D Print Forum”, “2019 new building materials technology exchange” and so on.
more than 70 technical seminars colorful staged to help the industry decoding industry current market and grasp the situation.
as with the K show in Germany (K Show) par “CHINAPLAS Chinaplas” will be held in May 2019 21 – return 24th Guangzhou, Guangzhou Pazhou held in China import & export Fair Complex, is expected to bring together more than 3,500 leading exhibitors worldwide to more than 250,000 square meters of exhibition space, more than 180,000 visitors to 150 countries and regions, to create an innovative cohesion Rubber feast of global resources. Show pre-registration fire Ongoing! Audience in 2019 before May 13 to complete the pre-registration, Enjoy 50 yuan (four days tickets) benefits; February 28 to complete the pre-registration received before more can visit card to show, directly and quickly comes into play! Please login pre-registered as visitors. For more show information, please visit the exhibition website or www. China Chinaplas .com.

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