Zebra Technologies to bring comprehensive healthcare solutions at 2019 Chinese Hospital Association Information Network Conference

Edge innovation as a person committed to get the performance benefits through its solutions and partners to help businesses, Zebra Technologies Corporation today unveiled 2019 Chinese Hospital Association Information Network Conference (CHIMA 2019), demonstrate its full range of healthcare solutions. Zebra Technologies extensive clinical mobility solutions by bringing high-quality patient care, as well as enhanced security and efficiency , to provide performance advantages for front-line health care workers. In the healthcare industry, the great advantage of mobile clinical solutions for highly recognized and most front-line health care workers employed gradually. According to Zebra Technologies of “2022 Chinese medical industry forward-looking report,” 90% to 2022 clinicians will use mobile technology. In response to this growing demand, Zebra Technologies will showcase its comprehensive portfolio of healthcare solutions Control Engineering Copyright on the CHIMA 2019, including wristbands, bar code scanner, a desktop / mobile printer, a mobile data terminal and the software. Zebra’s healthcare solutions dedicated to the healthcare industry in patient identity management, healthcare mobility, real-time location intelligence and business aspects of the healthcare industry to provide greater visibility, in order to achieve the overall operational efficiency and accuracy upgrade and enhance patient safety to the next level. On the CHIMA 2019 CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , Zebra Technologies will showcase its leading healthcare solutions, including: patient identity management: ZD510-HC exhibits such as wristband printing solutions and imaging DS9908HD instrument, designed for hospitals, clinics, laboratories and pharmacy management and design. Via a data connection admission and discharge process, Zebra’s patient identity management solution enables the accuracy of matching patient records, medications, specimens and other aspects of the patient every time to get the right care at the right time. · Healthcare Mobility: Zebra’s mobile medical equipment such as TC52-HC-touch data terminal, can help medical staff immediately in touch with co-workers CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , easy access to patient data, and more effective to any health care institutionLocal implementation of care. Zebra Technologies of mHealth solutions help doctors to carry out real-time communication and collaboration , thereby reducing errors, and leverage valuable time patient care. · Business intelligence and real-time location system of health care: the exhibits such as DS8100-HC series handheld imager and ZD500R RFID printer, by helping to identify, track, locate, and management of medical institutions in each patient, medical staff and condition of assets, in order to achieve higher visibility. In addition, this solution also helps healthcare organizations achieve business intelligence, and thus provide better care for patients. Time: July 2019 4-7 Venue: Booth No. BT18, Fujian, Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center, Exhibition Road, Siming District, Xiamen 198

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