Zhang Feng: Internet industry to promote rapid and healthy and orderly development should focus on doing the work of three

The first World Expo of Industry and Energy Internet (referred to as “the Fair”) held in Changzhou, Jiangsu province June 20 to 22, the Ministry of party members, chief engineer Zhang Feng said in his speech the main summit, in different fields of manufacturing innovation has become ascendant the key driving force of industry quality development CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , to seize and make good use of this round of technological revolution and industrial revolution of the great opportunity to promote the development mode.
The picture shows the Ministry of party members, chief engineer Zhang Feng speech
Zhang Feng believes that the Internet industry to promote the healthy and orderly development of rapid CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , we should focus on the following three tasks: first, to strengthen the innovation capacity , lay a solid basis for sustainable development. China’s industrial rich Internet application scenarios, model innovation active, but the lack of core technologies. To make good use of the advantages of the system, a complete industrial system and industrial advantages of information technology, industrial implementation of Internet innovation strategy , strengthen the dominant position of technological innovation. At the same time, to improve the production and research with collaborative innovation funding mechanisms, guide enterprises to achieve technological innovation and sustainable development of applications and business models. Second, improve the three systems, the Internet and build industrial ecology. In the network, accelerate the transformation of research and new technology achievements TSN network, actively promote the integration of the Internet 5G and industrial development, the establishment of the Internet industry benchmark for network build industry-specific or regional identity resolution, identity strengthen application promotion. In the platform, the selection of 10 cross-industry, cross-cutting platform for the Internet industry, foster a number of industrial internet platform for innovative solutions and new industrial APP. In terms of security, to build industrial system of Internet security system Control Engineering Copyright , strengthen safety supervision, technical support, integration of innovation and industry support, the development of the Internet industry in the effective establishment of secure and reliable foundation . Third, strengthen multi-party cooperation and deepen international cooperation. Built on several levels government and industry dialogue mechanisms such as the Internet industry, relying on the cooperation and exchanges between the results of the Internet Industry Alliance and Industrial Union and other international organizations to share, work together to build open and inclusive, collaborative innovation,Benefit the global Internet industry’s development of new ecological surplus. The CIIF by the Changzhou Municipal People’s Government, Jiangsu Provincial Industry and Information Technology Department, Jiangsu Provincial Energy Bureau, China Academy of Information and Communication, Tsinghua University Institute of Energy Internet innovation, space clouds Network Technology Development Co., Ltd., Huawei Technologies Co., The company, Trina Solar Co., Ltd. million to help new energy investment Group Co., Ltd. hosted. The CIIF to the “Internet cloud industrial manufacturing, data-driven new energy” as its theme, will focus on the Internet industry, Internet communications, energy, Internet and other topics related to application of the results to show.

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