Zhongjie.com’s 2018 “Wei Kitchen Brand Annual Appraisal” finalist list released

Zhongjie.com 2018 Annual "Wish Kitchen Brand Annual Selection Finalist List

Event Background

On May 10, 2018, the second “China Brand Day” was ushered in The national brand awareness further provides professional brand guidance for dealers to join. The China Jie Net Data Research Center has carefully planned for several months, and this time to launch the “2018 Kitchen Brand Annual Appraisal Campaign”. The activity is evaluated and verified one by one by the four indicators of brand awareness, brand share, brand contribution and brand reputation. It is evaluated by voting, enterprise application data evaluation and professional organizing committee rating. Award evaluation results.

With the continuous improvement of people’s living and consumption levels, the imbalance between supply and demand has led to the growing market size of the industry. This phenomenon is more obvious in the kitchen industry. In order to meet the growing consumer demand, more and more kitchen brands have emerged. And between the old-fashioned kitchen brand and the new kitchen brand, which brands are consumers more willing to pay? What does the brand mean for the consumer market? What are the potentials of the brand when these domestic and foreign experienced dealers choose to represent the kitchen brand? Which internet channels do they use to get brand information? We live in the data age and are more willing to speak with data. Based on the above aspects, the China Jie Net Data Research Center initiated the annual selection of the 2018 kitchen brand. The event was launched on April 16th, 2018 for the global kitchen enterprises. As of May 8, there were 136 kitchen chefs. Enterprises signed up for the competition and passed the strict finalist standard review. Some enterprises entered the selection list through auditing and became an important participating enterprise in the selection of this event.

Zhongjie.com 2018 & ldquo; The annual brand selection includes “annual influence brand, “annual investment potential brand” and “annual preferred kitchen and bathroom brand”, among which “the annual preferred kitchen and bathroom brand is divided into seven awards according to different categories: “2018 Annual Quanwei Customized Preferred Brand, “2018 Smart Toilet Preferred Brand, “2018 Water Purifier Preferred Brand, “2018 Shower Room Preferred Brand, “2018 Thermostatic Faucet Preferred Brand, “2018 Annual Drying Hanger preferred brand, “ 2018 annual kitchen accessories preferred brand.

“2018 annual influence brand Finalist list

participation“The 2018 annual influence brand selection enterprises must have a certain reputation, reputation and influence in the sanitary industry and consumers, and are keen on public welfare and actively undertake social responsibility. Through the verification of the company’s brand awareness, brand share, brand contribution and brand reputation, the China Jie Net Data Research Center selected the finalists for the 2018 Impact Brand Selection:

Kohler, TOTO, American Standard, Lejia, Hecheng, Hansgrohe, Moen, Delphi , Ina, Jiu Mu, Wrigley, Hengjie, Huida, Berenger, Faenza, Anwar, Whale, Dongpeng, Gaobao, Olusha, Emperor, ideal.

“2018 annual investment potential brand selection shortlist

participation"2018 annual investment potential brand selection Enterprises must have certain market investment potential, high brand awareness, strong brand strength, high product quality, good annual output value and annual sales. Through the verification of the company’s sales growth in the past three years, the number of offline stores, the online sales ranking and the OEM field rankings, the China Clean Network Data Research Center selected the finalists of the 2018 Investment Potential Brand Awards. The list is as follows:

Hecheng, Moen, Huayi, Navigation, Yilai, Gaobao , Shui Mei Le, Shen Quan, Lei Bodun, Kabei, Zhongyu, Xijian, Precision, Anbi, Nalang, Baite, Coburg, Tewei, Weiwei, Basman, Fabian, Chaojie , Tuohuang Industry.

“2018 preferred kitchen and bathroom brand selection shortlist

Participation"2018 The preferred kitchen brand selection company must have certain investment potential and influence in the industry, familiar with the market, high brand awareness Strong brand strength, good product quality, good annual output value and annual sales, recognized by consumers, and have investment potential. Zhongjie Net Data Research Center is customized according to Quanwei, smart toilet, water purifier, shower room, There are 7 categories of thermostatic faucets, drying racks and kitchen accessories. The preferred brands of each category are selected. The list of candidates is as follows:

1. Annual Quanwei Customized Preferred Brand Shortlist #o:p>

Ou Pai, Jiu Mu, Wrigley, Simma, Xinhai Jialan, Diliya, Figobel, Emperor, Navigation, Jin Bai Li Ya, Fa Biao, Shang Dian.

2. Annual smart toilet preferred brand shortlist

TOTO, Kohler, American Standard, Hecheng, Panasonic, Jiu Mu, Heng Jie, Wrigley, Haier, Oulosa, Dongpeng, Whale, Anwar, navigation mark, Jenice, West Malaysia, Jardine, Tegel, Weiwei, Xingjie Jiebao, Capricorn, Chastity, Xilkang, Reiter, Coburg, Hee Arrow, Dahui, Xiaomi .

3. Brand shortlist

Beautiful, Haier, Xiaomi, Angel, Smith, Aihuipu, Dalton, Pu Lemei, KBA, Kohler, Olin, submarine, Moen, Novida.

4. Annual shower room preferred brand shortlist

Deli, Lance, Rose Island, Furui, Kay Li, St. Leah, Lebton, Precision, Yali, Basman.

5. Annual thermostat preferred brand shortlist

Hansgaya, American Standard, Ford Temperature Control, Future I Come, Shu Lima, Xinci Li, Guoren Temperature Control, Xingle, Boston, Prometheus.

6. Annual drying rack preferred brand shortlist

Nine animal husbandry, good wife, sunburn, Jieyang, Kabe, Aopu, Xilang, Yugao, Op Lighting, Yameiji, Panpan, Lianqing.

7. Brand shortlist

Wanhai spool, track, Philippine, submarine, Rielt, Widia, Sakurai, Hunter, General, top.

Zhongjie.com Officially launched on the 10th of the month, the results of the selection will be officially announced on May 25th through China Jie. Welcome to the kitchen distributors, agents and consumers to cast a valuable vote for your brand with investment potential and trustworthiness.

Enter the brand selection:


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