Zhu Sendi: Industrial Manufacturing Internet-enabled digital transition

China’s industrial transformation and upgrading is entering an important period of development of high quality, as the main industry, the manufacturing industry is in the midst of an unprecedented major change. How to manufacturing status information society, the era of intelligent manufacturing industry how to develop, how the Internet industry and the integration of the manufacturing sector, a series of complex problems that need solving. It is necessary from the manufacturing industry, manufacturing systems evolve to the digital transition and the Internet industry to sort out the context of development and evolution. Under the parties advocating promotion, the Internet industry surging climax after another, the incident became the focus of the industry’s hot spot over the country, it has become the object of manufacturing enterprises embrace. Along with this, large data, cloud computing, networking, chain blocks, artificial intelligence, computing technology edge after another, confusing. New word public cloud, private cloud, cloud manufacturing, fog calculation after another, so let enterprises, especially SMEs, to feel foggy, puzzled. Industrial Internet, by definition, should be around the industry, service industry, improve the industry. Our industry is facing a transformation and upgrading, high-quality development of an important period. As the main industry, the manufacturing industry is in the midst of an unprecedented major change. Upgrade, high-quality development, abnormal urgently on the agenda. So many new technologies intensively “+” to the manufacturing sector, manufacturing know what to do. Manufacturing industry will be redefined, such as manufacturing and services into the service industry? Manufacturing will be covered platform economy? All kinds of reference, causing confusion and thinking people. How the status of the information society in manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing era how to develop, how the integration of Internet industry and the manufacturing sector, a series of complex problems that need solving. For this reason, it is necessary evolution from manufacturing development, manufacturing systems to the digital transition and the Internet industry to sort out the context of development and evolution.
the changing times and the evolution of manufacturing industry manufacturing systems , the progress of society, not a weakening of the manufacturing sector, the demise of the manufacturing sector, but the evolution of the manufacturing sector, to enhance manufacturing. Study the development of the manufacturing sector, basic research perspective is the evolution of manufacturing systems. Manufacturing Systems condensation of science and technology achievements, the essence of the theory of thought, conscience social humanities. Whether ancient times, or the required information society, the basic needs of human life, basic needs items used, and further spiritual and cultural life items, are inseparable from the manufacturing sector. Hard to imagine, when society no manufacturing industry will be what circumstances. Information Society gathering information transferTransmission, data mining analysis, used equipment is manufactured; the era of intelligent people can not leave even for a moment of smart phones, smart terminals, are manufactured; explore the unknown eye in the sky and spacecraft, also manufactured. Changing times , the progress of society, not a weakening of the manufacturing sector, the demise of the manufacturing sector, but the evolution of the manufacturing sector, to enhance manufacturing. Manufacturing is an economic activity means after physical change or chemical change of economic activity of new products. Regardless of development of human society, how the industry morphological changes, its economic activity is always present. But with the continuous development of society, advances in technology, the manufacturing sector is also growing. The development of the manufacturing sector but also to promote social progress. It can be said, thousands of years people have never stopped the pace of manufacturing technology research and manufacturing activities to explore the way. At one time by a certain techniques and relatively amorphous in some logical way to organize manufacturing activities, thereby producing a certain pattern. The past century, manufacturing model continue to emerge, one after another. Manufacturing system is a carrier on which manufacturing activities carried out, is composed of people of labor. “The difference between the various economic times, is not what is produced, but rather how to produce, by means of labor. Labor is not only material development of human labor force measuring device, and is an indicator of the social relations of labor whereby done.” [1 ] Therefore, the development of the manufacturing sector study, the most basic perspective is the study of the evolution of manufacturing systems. Manufacturing Systems condensation of science and technology achievements, the essence of the theory of thought, conscience social humanities. It can be said, evolving manufacturing system, is a sign of progress of human civilization. The early Industrial Revolution of the manufacturing system, is undoubtedly a man of simple tools. Later, with the production lines; then, with automated production lines, production line workers to the beat go; then later, to continuously improve the degree of automation, production line workers become an integral part of the work like a machine, and the machine and if people do deftly action. The machine can be described as people, as human machine. Evolution manufacturing system, never stopped, and now, moving toward intelligent direction. Observe the evolution of manufacturing systems from which you can extract what features to characterize its evolution? From the manufacturing system can detect changes in the evolution of two features: First, the “human-oriented” to “man is a machine, the machine is the man,” and “Human gradual exit”; the second is from “man operation production” to “press machineThe program is running, “and” self-learning system. “The first change reflects the proportion of manpower in the manufacturing system gradually reduced; The second change reflects manufacturing system curing human knowledge and experience gradually increase the proportion of Figure 1 demonstrate this trend. it can be expected direction of evolution of manufacturing systems, people seek human (manpower is emphasized rather than the people) to exit from the manufacturing system, allowing the system to learn to think and work like humans, become a self-learning system. generation of information technology, artificial intelligence and integration of the development of manufacturing, and effectively promote the manufacturing sector approach in this direction.
intelligent manufacturing and digital transformation of manufacturing companies transition to digital is the only correct choice to deal with major change. big most manufacturers still in the eve or the beginning of the transition, a few companies have begun the digital transition. with respect to the digital industry, industrial digital large space, its complexity and implementation difficulty is also large, important and difficult the digital economy. China’s manufacturing industry in the first decade of the implementation of this strategy in manufacturing, with two Integration of the main line, intelligent manufacturing as the main direction. The reason to make such a strategic choice, is based on major changes to the global manufacturing industry development pattern to grasp, is thinking about how to improve China-based manufacturing industry, is based on an effective solution to benefit weigh the outstanding problems of efficiency, quality, variety, resource consumption and environmental impact. the early manufacturing integration of the two, is trying to solve these problems. beginning in the 1980s, China’s manufacturing industry driven by information technology CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , after rejection drawing board, CAD application Engineering, rejection account table, CIMS (computer integrated manufacturing system) project, has made considerable progress in computer applications information integration, respond quickly to market, improve efficiency, etc., computer the rapid development of technology and integrated circuits, manufacturing systems and build the nervous system and control system possible. so as to facilitate the efficient operation of the manufacturing system, manufacturing system in favor of material flow, information flow, energy flow, capital flow, traffic flow, smooth flow of personnel, accurate and effective. for decades, it was This effort, various manufacturing model came into being. Lean Production (LP), Agile Manufacturing (AM), flexible manufacturing (FM), computer integrated manufacturing (CIM), a modern integrated manufacturing (CIM), Collaborative Manufacturing (HM ), manufactured collaboration network (the NCM), reconfigurable manufacturing systemSystem (RCMS), mass customization production (MCP), dispersed network Production System (DNPS), self-organizing production system (SOPS), etc. Manufacturing and manufacturing systems embodies the people’s unremitting efforts to enhance the manufacturing and diligently pursue. But in those days, it failed to solve the problem of information silos manufacturing system. The modern era, a new generation of information technology and other high-tech abnormal rapid development, innovation and accelerate the evolution of manufacturing systems manufacturing mode. Make more intelligent manufacturing system to make it more automatically adapt to changes, intelligent manufacturing is not far away and the pursuit of market changes in manufacturing conditions, but can be implemented down to earth. Intelligent Manufacturing is a continuation of previous efforts, is the accumulation of decades of technology. Statements regarding intelligent manufacturing connotation, eyes of the beholder, the wise see wisdom, different opinions. I agree with this comparison expression: “Intelligent Manufacturing is based on the new information and communication technology integration and depth of advanced manufacturing technology, manufacturing activities throughout all aspects of design, production, management, service, self-perception, self-learning, self-decision, since the implementation of new production methods, such as adaptive functions. “[2] intelligent manufacturing is manufacturing development direction and goals, you need to achieve this goal through the intelligent manufacturing process, the key is to build intelligent manufacturing systems. In general, an intelligent manufacturing system configuration consists of five levels (FIG. 2). The need to achieve between the various levels of information integration, between the bottom of the device need to achieve interoperability. Currently, information of the interconnection between the underlying device manufacturing system, is achieved through a variety of field bus, such as Profibus, CanBus, LonWorks, CC-link, DeviceNet, Modbus like. Between the level of communication via Industrial Ethernet. Information Integration on the premise that a wide variety of information about the device to be expressed as a computer can read the digital language. This requires that all the various devices in the manufacturing system must first be digitized and then will it be possible to schedule in accordance with the requirements of intelligent manufacturing and operation. Intelligent Manufacturing also need to enterprises of all types of business processes, operational processes are integrated into the manufacturing system, therefore, business processes, operational processes also need to be digitized and throughout the entire life cycle. In short, manufacturers must become digital enterprise, digital transformation in order to adapt to the information age. The main contents include digital transformation of digital elements, processes and outputs. [3] digital elements embodied in the promotion of digital technology innovation, promote productionDigital transformation equipment, foster integration of digital talents; digital process mainly involves digital upgrade research and development, design, procurement, production, sales and other business processes; output digitized reflected in the digital innovation intelligent upgrades and service models of products. Manufacturing companies transition to digital is the only correct choice to deal with the major change has come. Currently, most manufacturers still in the eve or the beginning of the transition, a few companies have started advanced and implemented the digital transition. Digital economy boom is coming head on, with respect to the digital industry, industrial digital space is much larger, its complexity and difficulty of implementation is much greater, so development speed is much lower. Digital industry is the focus and difficulty of the digital economy. Internet industry both digital technology and industry (especially manufacturing) to link up the material objects associated that make the intelligent manufacturing system is easy to implement.
industry and the Internet platform Internet platform construction industry, there are three cases, one basic cloud building side, extending up to the application industry; manufacturers intelligent improvement of three is to gain experience; the second is the Internet company, familiar with the industry to move closer to their own and the technology to build industry-specific platform. Industrial and Applied Ecology, the Internet industry is a new generation of Internet and information technology and comprehensive industrial system formed by the depth of integration, integrated information infrastructure is the key to the development of intelligent industry. [4] understanding of the Internet industry is varied, with a similar name with the Internet industry have Internet industry, industrial networking, networking, Internet and other industries. Internet industry within the original network and external network communication between firms that have been run within the enterprise are encompassed, it will become the key manufacturing enterprises support digital transformation, must become intelligent manufacturing network environment and infrastructure. Intelligent manufacturing and the Internet industry are inseparable, according to the intelligent manufacturing industry realized the Internet, the Internet industry to help manufacturing intelligence. The main scenarios of the Internet and its uses in the manufacturing industry. However, the Internet industry is not narrowly “device networking” or “machine substitutions,” but needs to be manufacturing knowledge, software and hardware of the three merging. [5] As the Internet industry can be located thousands of devices and hardware throughout the access network, the realization of ubiquitous connectivity, and this in turn met outstanding issues that have large amounts of data to the cloud on the network overwhelmed. So with the edge of computing technology, the first plurality of data underlying deviceLine processing, then after the “pre-processing” the data on the cloud. Focus from the cloud, “pretreatment” located on the edge of the cloud, and therefore referred to as edge computation. Some units in the building industry Internet platform, which is known as the “fog computing.” Cloud, fog computing, there are many new terms, new concepts, inevitably feel a little foggy. Internet industry alliance on the basis of industrial architecture version 1.0 on, continue to improve, in August 2019 officially launched the industrial architecture of the Internet 2.0 (Figure 3) in Chongqing. [6] This guide industrial architecture is the foundation of Internet technology co-development of ecological, for the convergence of the Internet industry and manufacturing intelligence, digital transformation, to clarify the relationship between work and focus. Internet industry for large enterprises and backbone enterprises, because of their financial and technical strength of strong, early in the integration of the two stages, ie the establishment of the company’s own private network. Now these companies are many units in the industrial application of Internet technology to build a private cloud. Some companies, relying on its own technology base to build public clouds, to become the industrial Internet platform that provides platform services for the industry and beyond. The number of manufacturing enterprises accounted for more than 90% of SMEs in the digital transition and Internet industry before, deeply inadequate. Therefore, the need for some of the industry’s public service platform to provide them with counseling, training, simple cloud services. The good news is that many such industrial internet platform has emerged. These platforms, a considerable number of companies based in two of the depth of integration, the construction of intelligent manufacturing, digital workshop, intelligent factory form related accumulated experience and technology, on this basis, to be cured to form a specification, development of standards, for similar companies to provide appropriate services. After effective, but also further expand the extension, the industry has become influential Internet platform. United States Mei-yun number Chi is developed on the basis of the construction of smart appliances factory on; roots Internet, Xugong Han cloud, it is in the construction machinery ROMS business expansion formed; Suzhou Bo public Seiko first machine in the company intelligent processing plant transformation, after the experience with the establishment of industrial TSAMO internet platform for enterprises to provide similar services; industrial USI Foxconn Group, as well as the construction of intelligent plant, summary of the phone backplane processing materials, processes, equipment, etc. technical problems, building industry professional Fuji cloud, for the 12 sectors providing services. Haier Haier intelligent integration COSMO Plat Group Industrial Research Institute, etc.A service platform in the industry formed after about Internet business and industrial institutions, both for Haier appliances, central air conditioning intelligent manufacturing enterprises to provide network and technical support, has also created a “1 + 7 + N” business model. “1” that COSMO Plat, “7” that is, R & D, manufacturing, intelligent logistics, intelligence services and other seven areas, “N”, compared with clothing, food, housing, transportation, medical, health, support, education, etc., . So far, COSMO Plat has been available for the 15 industries, providing 7 major areas of three categories, 28 scenarios, 179 solutions. At present, the construction unit of industrial internet platform in three ways, first is the basic cloud building side, extending up to the application industry; the second is the Internet company, to move closer to some familiar with the industry itself; Third, intelligent improvement of manufacturing companies to gain experience and after the technology platform for the construction industry. The third case, relatively speaking, the effect is obvious.
Industrial Manufacturing Internet to accelerate the digital transformation of the Internet industry is the key to the development of intelligent integrated information infrastructure for industrial, manufacturing activities to be carried out at its top, a series of digital transformation of the business thereby possible to carry out. In recent years through practice and thinking CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , manufacturers have gradually seen the digital transformation of the direction and focus, focus ten areas. Internet industry is a key infrastructure development of intelligent integrated information industry, intelligent manufacturing activity to be carried out at its top, a series of digital transformation of the business thereby possible to carry out. Manufacturing enterprises through practice and thinking in recent years, we have gradually seen the digital transformation of the direction and focus. With the technology, industry, application of breakthrough innovation and collaboration to promote industrial restructuring and the Internet will be more closely integrated intelligent digital fabrication and manufacturing, the manufacturing sector accelerated the digital transition. How to achieve convergence, the Internet industry and manufacturing in both exploration and practice, industrial manufacturing enterprises is expected that the Internet can bring them transition bonus. From the digital transformation requires practice and some companies manufacturing point of view, the following ten areas (aspects) is currently an important entry point, junction and focus. 1, ROMS. Large-scale manufacture of key equipment for manufacturing plants, the equivalent of the brain and heart, in case of failure, the entire plant will stop production or even a major accident. These intelligent devices for monitoring, troubleshooting,Predictive maintenance, which greatly protect the safe operation of the plant. Some stronger advanced enterprise by integrating the sensor in the equipment and products, control, communications and other functions, to conduct a comprehensive networking equipment, build a service platform for big data monitoring and analysis, to achieve online monitoring equipment, and full-ROMS life cycle management, equipment manufacturing enterprises to accelerate the shift to service-oriented manufacturing. Shaanxi drum, Shenyang Blower earlier in a large blower ROMS business, achieve better results. Large excavators, lifting the safe handling and operation of the machine is also very important, XCMG, Sany through remote monitoring of construction machinery, construction machinery in order to establish the main ROMS and hundreds of thousands of devices to access the Internet industry . Goldwind established fan ROMS service platform, intelligent monitoring of wind turbines and wind farms, fault diagnosis, predictive maintenance, reducing maintenance costs than traditional methods 20-25% failure rate of more than 91% accurate early warning, power generation efficiency 10-15%. 2, the quality control. Quality testing and final product inspection between the various processes automated production line, production is an important part of the job, but also a necessary component of intelligent manufacturing. Real-time collection and analysis of large data field, and then fed back to adjust the process parameters of the production line, thereby improving the yield and reduce the quality loss. Internet industry this handy. Combined with the application of artificial intelligence, product quality inspection, can greatly improve the detection efficiency and reduce the intensity of artificial detection. To protect user security and trust products, but also to continue to improve and improve product quality, especially food and pharmaceutical production process can be controlled, traceable, the Internet industry combined sensing, identification technology, will help enterprises manufacture and users mutual trust. Pharmaceutical CONBA established covering procurement, warehouse, production, quality, sales and so the whole process of digital control system, the full realization of effective monitoring and automated control of the drug production process, improve the production process, reduce the risk of drug production quality enhance the drug safety, effectiveness and stability. 3, collaborative design. Expand business scale manufacturing, international business and accelerate market response speed, different regions, different sectors of the co-design , has become an important means for enterprises to win the competition. Industrial Internet collaborative design environment and provides a convenient tool. Especially in the 5G environment, dialogue between designers, communication, discussion, become very convenient and effective. Synergy between design,Need to quickly transfer image, three-dimensional graphics, the current technology, download speeds of 5G meet the requirements, and the up slower, still can not meet the requirements of collaborative design. With the continuous development and improvement of 5G technology, collaborative design will be as discussed in the exchange as a conference room. Shanghai Commercial Aircraft established a global network of collaborative R & D platform, cross-regional synergies through domestic R & D and manufacturing, the C919 aircraft development cycle time by 20%, productivity increased by 30%, 20% reduction in manufacturing costs, manufacturing quality problems reduce the incidence of 25% . 4, shared manufacturing. Manufacturing does not need more resources can not be completely concentrated within an enterprise. Integrated manufacturing resources to carry out manufacturing activities of enterprises, from order to delivery and completion of the manufacturing sector after a series of services, it may have been achieved by the Internet industry. This has in some manufacturing sectors some companies implement and achieve results. Collaborative manufacturing network Control Engineering Copyright , the early years have researchers suggest, and made a preliminary attempt, hoping to make full use of manufacturing resources and integrated scattered throughout the country, in order to efficiently carry out manufacturing activities. Just because the technology was not yet mature environment and failed to achieve. Aerospace cloud network, is on the basis of accumulated technology and research work of 863 projects, set up manufacturing for industrial and other areas of the Internet platform. It can provide transaction manufacturing companies, needed cooperation, and supporting intelligent transformation services. It has been manufacturing enterprises as a TV and intelligent terminals, to analyze the impact of key process production line productivity, and simulation, thereby increasing the production capacity of the production line; also aerospace manufacturing mechanical components for more than a dozen enterprises to develop new product development services to enable new product development cycle shortened from 6.5 months to five months, the new product line was reduced from 24 months to 18 months. 5, custom manufacturing. With the popularity and increase the individual needs of automation technology, mass customization manufacturing model is increasingly respected and manufacturing customers. Intelligent automation technology development and manufacturing, it is possible in the same production line in one piece cost mass production of produce personalized products, which is mass customization manufacturing model of the essence. Dalian Dayang clothing, Qingdao Red Collar clothing, the apparel industry in the first implementation of mass customization mode. Clothing enterprises according to consumer size, shape and taste for the style, fabric, quality, etc., within a few days to make consumers appreciate the fit, beautiful clothesInstalled, not only improves the value-added products, to accelerate the development of enterprises, but also meets the needs of people’s increasing life and culture. Victoria is still furniture by building “new home network” interactive open design platform, the establishment of “a large-scale furniture design customization system” to achieve consumer-driven production company to rapid expansion. Still product delivery according to customer demand, custom furniture production, to meet the individual needs of different consumer groups. 6, logistics and warehousing. Mobile manufacturing activities can not be separated materials, distribution, warehousing, intelligent logistics is an important part of intelligent manufacturing. Logistics have been beyond the scope of a manufacturing enterprise, has gradually become a professional business activities. Most manufacturers of inbound logistics, outbound logistics has generally referred to specialized logistics companies to bear, and materials timely and appropriate manner to the various processes of production and distribution line of on-line logistics also commissioned a professional company to bear. Third party, fourth party logistics came into being, intelligent logistics and equipment (AGV, forklift trucks, three-dimensional database) manufacturing industry has developed rapidly. By Internet industry, can effectively control the movement of materials, scheduling, warehousing, materials for track and trace, reduce errors, reduce inventory and improve efficiency. Wuxi Ding integration has produced a total of more than 700 three-dimensional database, on this basis, can carry out three-dimensional library equipment ROMS, according to user needs and licensing, logistics data analysis to help users achieve Lean Enterprise production and intelligent manufacturing. 7, process innovation. Manufacturing procedure according to certain activities, certain processes, certain tissue performed. The manufacturing process is how to do it and how to do better object technology. Manufacturing process is the core manufacturing technology is an important starting point for the development of high-quality manufacturing, and trade secrets are locked up manufacturing enterprises. Internet can not replace industrial manufacturing process, but enabling technology innovation, can be developed to promote better process. In advance of current manufacturing intelligence, recognizing the importance of innovation and the estimate of the enormity of the process it is not enough. Research Industrial Internet and technology innovation, optimization process combined, in the parameter optimization, feedback aspects of compensation, intelligent iterative, process simulation, numerical simulation and scenario comparison and other acts such as to shorten the process of research and optimization cycle, triggering new technology generation and application. Internet industry, but also real-time monitoring in the process, improve the process quality assurance to improve the yield. Smart phone brands, consumer aesthetic response from starting, changing phones backing material, and foundry companies must meet the short termAnd adapt to changes in the mobile phone business. Farrington mobile phone industry has reached the backplane after changing the material requirements of mass production, from material properties to process, from the cutting tool to cut parameters, from machine tools to quality testing, conducted a series of in-depth study, the depth of no less to research institutions and universities. After the first successful research and process validation to achieve mass production within the enterprise, and the Internet industry by the processing device networking, real-time management and control of production processes. Both by smartphone companies required to complete the order, and so the establishment of an industrial-based Internet platform. Linyi Swiss Electronics Co ferrite magnetic coil, a large-volume, multi-manual work, for achieving intelligent manufacturing an inductor, a ferrite ring study starts from the automatic coil winding process, and thus the development of automated equipment, and then a series of intelligent transformation workshop to finalize the construction of the inductor digitization workshop. Compared with the original process and the old factory, the development cycle is shortened from eight days to three days, shortening delivery time from 35 days to 7 days, workers reduced from 70 to seven, defect rate dropped from 80ppm 20ppm. 8, lean management. Lean is a philosophy and an important concept in manufacturing. From lean production, JIT to lean management, lean thinking, manufacturing enterprises to enter into a new stage of development. However, most manufacturers did not pay attention to it, inevitably some regret. Lean production, lean management is the basis and prerequisite for intelligent manufacturing. Internet industry manufacturers to achieve lean production and management, providing new opportunities and tools, but also for the combination of lean manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing, provides an environment and possible. Tianjin A. Brain Company, for many years engaged in lean management consulting and help manufacturers implement lean production on the basis of studies completed of lean digital cloud (LDC), to provide convenient tools and services for the large number of small manufacturing companies. Jiujiang Petrochemical through the establishment of an integrated energy control center platform, the establishment of production consumption balance model and optimize the system with hydrogen and gas energy, as well as closed-loop control of energy planning, production, optimization, evaluation for high added value, in order to achieve energy reduction consumption over the past three years, energy efficiency improved by 4%. 9, marketing services. Manufacturing to “product + service” transformation from a “product offer”, after service in the manufacturing sector in the proportion of larger and more important. As enterprises expand business scale, geographic expansion of services, increased service categories, real-time flow of information, goods supply scheduling, timely reach, is particularly important. Internet marketing services industry to bring manufacturingConvenient, real-time, high efficiency, and from which data is fed back to the manufacturing process, manufacturing more efficient, more agile and closer to the user. Internet roots, Xugong Hanyun can Sany, XCMG construction machinery in use around the real-time monitoring, keep running, keep abreast of spare parts, spare parts and reasonable dispatch, the nearest scheduled maintenance and technical personnel, enterprises save time, reduce costs, improve efficiency, but also for users to increase the power-efficiency and reduce losses caused by downtime. 10 solutions. Experience the traffic is digitized, workflow digitization, standardized condensed into digital solutions, from oriented enterprise or several enterprises to solve the digital transition problems of the industry, promoted to sub-sector solutions, and turn it into a suitable cloud The product. The industry group of enterprises, especially SMEs available SaaS, PaaS and other services from the platform business, so as to promote the digital transformation of the industry from the surface. Chi Mei-yun number, relying on the United States experience intelligent manufacturing automation capabilities and business practices of the KUKA Robot Group, has provided covering the whole value chain of the digital transformation services for more than 10 industries automotive, home appliances, new energy. Wuhu Ai Fute company, providing the basis for the sanitary industry grinding robot, the robot industry into the bathroom summarizes polished solutions and provide cloud services, contributing to the green, efficient development of sanitary industry. Integration of manufacturing and industrial development of the Internet far more than more than 10 aspects or areas of innovation and creativity endless, unceasing development of the manufacturing sector, manufacturing systems evolution continues. Direction of evolution is “six self”: self measure, since decision-making, self-diagnosis, self-maintenance, adaptive, self-learning. The process of gradually reducing the labor share of manufacturing systems in efforts to gradually improve people’s knowledge and experience of curing in the manufacturing system, the proportion of in the process of digital transformation and intelligent manufacturing, companies should be based on their own reality, to explore a variety of different modes , the implementation of a variety of ways. Regardless of the size scale manufacturing systems, high and low levels, the difficulty of the job, shall always remember the purpose of building intelligent manufacturing systems: higher productivity, lower unit costs, better product quality, market responsive, resource consumption fewer, smaller environmental impact and sustainable development of stronger, more beautiful lives of the workers. This “eight more” Manufacturing is the eternal theme. Industrial and manufacturing convergence of Internet development will make “eight more” more colorful, digital transformation of the manufacturing speed and efficiency, so that China’s manufacturing industry toward bigStrong strategic objectives to achieve as soon as possible.
Internet industry and SMEs: improve and the overall level of the digital transformation of “1 + M + N” mode manufacturing industry, there are only a number of advanced enterprise and lead the demonstration is not enough. Need a group for SMEs to achieve application service provider (ASP) digital transformation, the ASP, is itself small and medium enterprises, need government support. Improve the overall level of manufacturing, digital transformation of implementation, there are only a number of advanced enterprise and lead the demonstration is not enough. Which accounted for over 90% of small and medium enterprises, how the digital transition, how to enhance the level of productivity, how to enhance competitiveness, implementation of manufacturing power is an important issue our manufacturing strategy and focus. In this regard, the Internet platform of industrial enterprises entrusted with important tasks. Platform enterprise should through its own facilities and services, so that the majority of SMEs to benefit, help SMEs upgrade. The good news is, some industrial internet platform for SMEs has been a part of the applicable product-oriented development, launched a popular service. But living in small and medium manufacturing industries, face problems, in addition to the use of the platform, the need to get specific help and guidance. Therefore, the need for SMEs to achieve a number of application service provider (ASP) digital transformation. The ASP, who need not be a lot, but for which the industry familiar with SMEs, small and medium enterprises to solve the problem is very real. These ASP, profit is not high, small and medium enterprises in itself, and therefore the need for government support. From the industrial and manufacturing convergence of the Internet and the practice of some companies, the author proposes to think the Internet industry help small and medium digital transformation “1 + M + N” mode (Figure 4). In this mode, “1 + M” has been recognized, “N” is required to cultivate. In this model, there are ways to benefit SMEs: SaaS, solutions, consulting, training and after service. SMEs from the platform via SaaS, PaaS and other services, convenient to use and get counseling required software; production, technology, equipment acquisition and other issues where the industry as a whole solution for the enterprise encountered, to find the key to solve the problem; ask questions and difficulties found in the platform to provide appropriate counseling agency or unit; the skills and technical personnel can use the internet to education, training; the factory, with the platform to carry out the service, in this regard, the limited capacity of SMEs, just play advantage and role of platforms. With manufacturingIn-depth digital transformation, intelligent manufacturing and vigorously promote the industrial and manufacturing depth of integration of Internet to achieve tangible results, after years of unremitting efforts, China’s manufacturing industry will eventually achieve high-quality development, manufacturing power to achieve strategic objectives.
(Author Jewson first for the Expert Committee of China Machinery Industry Federation, honorary director, member of the Strategic Advisory Committee building national manufacturing power, intelligent manufacturing expert advisory committee of Industry and Information Technology Director)

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